You"ll get access to mine blog. I"ll make some progress reports about what I"m working on and also I"ll listen to your suggestions to prepare the relax :). 
Hello, I"m Lecode,I"m a programmer who likes come make video game systems.I"m a huge fan that RPGs and also I have actually known RPG maker since my childhood. I choose how straightforward it is to do awesome stuff v it. It"s all many thanks to RM the I"m a programmer now. It has also inspired me to construct some mini-engines in C++.I personally prefer to create fight systems due to the fact that of just how fascinating and complicated the process can it is in !I"ve been working on an MV-based Tactical fight System for 2 months now and also I noticed there are some human being who want to assistance me furthering this project. I"m an extremely thrilled to see human being enjoying it. As such this channel is produced for people who want to help me enhance it also better.With your support, I have the right to spend even an ext time arising it. What I achieved in two months could be excellent in couple of weeks.

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What execute you arrangement after the TBS ?I desire to relax even much more battle systems !I"ll most likely start with an ABS after ~ the TBS is complete and also I additionally want to create a Brave Frontier-like fight system because that mobile MV games. The same fight system is used by last Fantasy Brave Exvius and also I"d really love to port this to MV.I"m also thinking around a Chrono Trigger-like fight system. Well...there room many battle systems I desire to lug to MV.But I"m open to suggestions and also I"ll setup future releases based upon the demand.Actually the TBS I"m functioning on began on Ace last year. I want to relax it yet for now I"ve relocated on come MV.
I have also worked top top what I dubbed "Wild fight System", featuring a dynamic and tick-based sideview battle system. Maybe someday this battle system will likewise make its debut to MV?
...and that"s no all. My work won"t be limited to battle systems only as I also want to expand into other occurring plugins for various other scenes. I"ll certainly keep you men posted on that !Thank girlfriend for sustaining me or if you arrangement to.

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I"ll work difficult to release awesome stuffs for your game !

This will help me assistance my TBS, release add-ons and also compatibility patches. Ns guarantee at the very least one significant update every 2 months, if the following itteration isn"t therefore big.