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Jacob Tuwiner

Here’s the deal:

You’re trying to beat some trees, ruin some rocks, blow up some bases, and loot some noobs.

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But instead of spawning, the game is crashing as soon as you’re do the efforts to join the Rust server. The just thing worse 보다 lagging, is no being maybe to join in the an initial place.

I’ve had actually this issue myself, and also have compiled a list of the 5 remedies that aided me solve Rust crashing once I was joining a server.

Let’s dive in:

Rust Crashing Fixes

There are quite a few different factors that your game could crash as soon as attempting to join a server:

Outdated graphic DriversOutdated steam ClientLow online MemoryMissing video game filesDiscord overlay sometimes causes crashes

Whatever your worry may be, we’ve acquired the systems for you.

First, make sure the server is utilizing a good server host - however, it’s most likely a problem on your end, fairly than the server.

Next, try each among these in order until Rust stops crashing.

Increase Your online Memory Limit

This is one of the most usual fixes for Rust crashing, although no as straightforward as some of the various other options.

Note: This will call for a system restart.

Open file manager and also right-click This PC

Go to progressed system setups in the top right

Under performance, walk to settings

Select progressed at the top

Select adjust under digital memory

Deselect automatically manage paging document size for every drives

Click on your drive and go to tradition size

Look at the at this time allocated amount, include 2048 to it, and type the result number right into both early stage size and also Maximum size

Click set, OK, yes again, climate Apply

Restart home windows and try running Rust

Updating your Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics chauffeurs are a lot much more common of a problem, however they’re generally the easiest deal with you have the right to do and you might also update castle anyway. You could actually get better performance in all of your games.



Once installed, open up the application and make an account or login

Click top top the chauffeurs tab and select check for Updates



Once installed run the application and also click Install

When it’s finished it will instantly detect your graphics card

After detecting the drivers, it will prompt friend to choose a version

Select the recommended Version and hit Install

Try to run in DirectX 9

Your game might take a very tiny hit in performance v this method, yet it’s no a difference that’s remarkable by most people and you want to acquire to playing Rust currently right?

Start Steam, navigate to her library, and find Rust

Right-click Rust and also select Properties

Select collection Launch Options

Type “-dx9”

Try launching again

Opt the end of steam Beta Participation

Some users can have opted into Steam’s beta routine in the past yet forgot. Steam’s Beta participation program permits you to test brand-new updates because that games prior to they obtain rolled out to the bulk of players. This can, that course, result in some unstable build installations.

Start Steam

In the optimal left, click Steam, then get in Settings

If you room participating in steam Beta, click CHANGE

Open the drop under menu and select “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs”

Hit OK and also restart Steam

Verify game Files

Your game papers may be corrupted. Shot verifying castle to make sure everything is okay.

Find Rust in your steam LibraryRight-click top top RustSelect “Properties”Click top top the “Local Files” tabClick the “Verify integrity of game Files” button

Steam will inspect your game records to make certain there aren’t any kind of issues. If so, they’ll be fixed.

Rust video game Requirements

If every one of the solutions over aren’t working, your PC can not be powerful enough to operation the game.

Here are Rust’s minimum demands according to the steam page:

OS: 64-bit processor and also operating systemCPU: Intel core i7-3770 / AMD FX-9590 or betterMemory: 10 GB RAMGraphics: GTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 betterDirectX: variation 11Network: Broadband internet connectionStorage: 20 GB available spaceAdditional Notes: SSD is extremely recommended or expect longer than average fill times.

But remember, that’s simply the ceiling minimum. For right performance, these are the recommended specs:

OS: 64-bit processor and also operating systemCPU: Intel core i7-4690K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600Memory: 16 GB RAMGPU: GTX 980 / AMD R9 FuryDirectX: version 12Network: Broadband internet connectionStorage: 20 GB accessible spaceAdditional Notes: SSD is extremely recommended.

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Rust tho Crashing when Joining Server?

If Rust is quiet crashing once joining a server, well, sorry bro.