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Ford has actually release the latest in your Overdubs collection of commercials and this one features the entire actors of seafarer Moon. We previously reported ~ above the an initial commercial, certification Stephanie Sheh and also Michelle Ruff as sailor Moon and Luna. This one has actually Stephanie Sheh as sailor Moon, Kate Higgins as sailor Mercury, Cristina Vee as sailor Mars, Amanda C. Miller as seafarer Jupiter and also Cherami Leigh as seafarer Venus. Watch the clip below.

The original episode this footage comes from is seafarer Moon R illustration 72, Rubeus the Heartless: The catastrophic Sisters. We can tell this by the truth that they are fighting on a bridge against Petz and Calaveras. Adhering to this altercation they space healed with sailor Moon’s silver- Crystal. It provides me wonder how they got that Ford fusion up to the upper part of that bridge…


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5 thoughts on “The cast of sailor Moon star in yet an additional Ford blend commercial from their Overdubs series”

Rami Ungar ~ above December 2, 2016 in ~ 5:08 pm said:

Where perform they air this things? space they online only or are world seeing these during commercial division of Lucifer?

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Adam on December 3, 2016 at 8:08 to be said:

I’ve only ever before seen lock online but to be fair I’m a bit out of day with my illustration of Lucifer…

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