This previous weekend ns was lucky sufficient to take my little sister come her an initial concert and also see Sam blacksmith perform. I had actually chills that entire night – a stark comparison to this NYC warm wave we’re currently enduring. In my own experience, there’s just one artist I recognize who deserve to make a to meet as big as Madison Square Garden feeling really intimate and also even lowkey.

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He talked about how his initial issues for his tour stemmed from exactly how his songs have the right to be yes, really depressing. I mean, he’s not wrong. Through the finish of the an initial song, I had tears. Yet I have to say he properly made the night a beautiful time composed of raw emotion and also acknowledgement that pain and also troubles, yet choosing to leave it in ~ the door.

One Day in ~ A Time is this week’s track and one that the much more hopeful and also optimistic songs off of his album, The Thrill of it All. Together opposed to singing about devastating heartbreak, a typical theme in countless of his songs, this is a love song devoted to his friends. That an encourage for steadfastness in the middle of chaos and also a reminder the the world who girlfriend love and also trust space the ones who will keep you steady and continue to provide you new perspectives.

This track reminds me that my girlfriend Jay. Whenever either of us space going v a difficult time fine pray that while that feels like our world’s unable to do crazy, we would feel choose we’re being led to calm pastures and still waters. Probably that’s the same feeling Sam Smith was trying to evoke in this song, to sit by a river or to take the moment to watch up at the stars. Below it because that yourself and also hopefully it offers you that same kind that peace and assurance.

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