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This Muppets t-shirt reflects Sam Eagle posing in front of an American flag. The shirt reads You space All Weirdos.Sam Eagle is one American eagle who feels his species and duty as nationwide symbol have actually placed details responsibilities ~ above his shoulders. Sam is appalled through the nonsense the passes because that entertainment on the series and does his ideal to store things in inspect by discussing the weirdos.For any fan that the strict Muppet present censor, this Sam Eagle You space All Weirdos Muppets T-Shirt is a should have!

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SizeWidth (A)Length (B)
Small 18.0"(46cm) 28.0"(71cm)
Medium 20.0"(51cm) 29.0"(74cm)
Large 22.0"(56cm) 30.0"(76cm)
XL 24.0"(61cm) 31.0"(79cm)
2XL 26.0"(66cm) 32.0"(81cm)

*Bust or chest is excellent by doubling the width measurement. *For full circumference that the waistline, twin the belt measurement. *Due come the functional nature of our fabrics, enable one inch of sports from this measurements.

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