Samsung progressed Institute Technology

South Korea

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Foundation: 1987

Mission: First, we construct the world"s ideal or world"s very first technologies for new markets.Second, we create brand-new convergence technologies.Third, we development science-based nanotechnology research.Fourth, we build disruptive modern technologies going beyond current paradigms.

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Vision: info not localized


Evolution that the institution

The following data provides a rapid reading top top the clinical performance in the last years. The study ranking describes the volume, influence and high quality of the institution"s study output. The invention ranking is calculate on the variety of patent applications the the institution and the citations the its research output receives indigenous patents. Finally, the societal ranking is based upon the number of pages of the institution"s website and the number of backlinks and mentions from society networks.

Compared come its context

The result of the testimonial of the institution can be contrasted to attain a see of the country, the an ar to which the belongs and also the establishments of the world, placing it in their particular positions.

Ranks by subject area

We have separated the clinical output that the institution into 19 big areas the knowledge and also the adhering to table shows only the ranks in different territorial domains accomplished by the institution in each of the areas. Because that an school to have actually a presence in one area, it is crucial that the exceed in the critical year a minimum calculation threshold equivalent to twice the portion that this area to represent in the world. If you require scientific indications on these areas visit Scopus and/or SciVal

AreaWorldAsiatic RegionOECDSouth Korea
Chemistry 186th61st133rd6th
Computer science 350th117th260th15th
Energy 45th24th13th2nd
Engineering 298th110th209th14th
Physics and Astronomy 226th61st167th8th

AreaWorldAsiatic RegionOECDSouth Korea
Chemistry 42nd18th25th1st
Computer scientific research 48th14th35th2nd
Energy 6th3rd4th1st
Engineering 57th21st38th3rd
Physics and also Astronomy 55th16th42nd2nd

Publishing profile

These are the journals used by the institution"s researchers to i have announced their occupational in the last year. The dimension of each circle represents the value of the SJR of the publication, and its spatial position represents its subject matter.

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This visualizatión enables you to recognize the knowledge locations where the institution has published, recognize the reputation of the scientific journals in which the college knowledge has actually been published, and also identify predominant scientific communities.


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