It’s inevitable that the coolest and best selling handsets the end there will create clone devices to create imitations of the devices. Such is the situation of the Galaxy S6, that already received a couple of clones and now it’s the revolve of the Galaxy S6 Edge. If I’m no mistaking, the HDC S6 leaf is the very first clone of this type, or the very first I’ve viewed at least. Girlfriend can examine some of the finest phone here.

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This is a 5.2 inch smartphone, with twin curved display screen edges and also even a fingerprint scanner gets thrown in the mix. Android 5.1 is the OS of choice here and 4G LTE connectivity is likewise provided. Native the look at of it, the phone call opts for a plastic frame and also plastic back, or at the very least the texture and also light reflections point to that. Priced at $239.99, the clone is a single SIM affair, through a nano sim slots and it additionally brings 2 GB that RAM and also 16 GB that storage.


The CPU is a MediaTek MT6735 one, a quad main point unit clocked at 1 GHz and also at the back we find 13 megapixel camera, when upfront there’s a 5 MP selfie shooter. Every the Google services and apps are supported and there’s a 2600 mAh battery ~ above board. The really intriguing thing below is the UI, that appears to completely replicate the TouchWiz experience from the S6 Edge. I doubt you’ll be obtaining notifications top top those bent edges, though…





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