So I've just upgraded come a Samsung Galaxy S10+ a few months earlier and that is by much the most modern-day phone I've had. Throughout my time with it I've been discovering some of the new features and also accessories you deserve to pair v it and also the watches peaked my interest. I've seen them ~ above a lot of people walking approximately but ns don't understand what extra features they include to the device. I have actually a couple of questions for those the you the do have actually them:

-Why go you want to buy one as soon as you go initially?

-What functions do they execute for you that your call alone couldn't do?

-Would you recommend the Galaxy clock or the Galaxy clock Active? Why?


I have the s3 frontier. Its yes, really nice to be able to check notifications in meetings. I usage the fitness stuff at the gym and also the sleep tracker.

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Its pretty pretty to change and pick my music with. And also its really nice to have a vibrating alarm that only wakes me increase in the morning.

Those are just some that the points I usage it for, ns just find having a an individual area network that phone, watch and headphones yes, really convenient

Health/fitness functions

Form factor, e.g. You can see notifications once doing part gardening

If you generally wear a watch, then the concern becomes: perform you mental to have some smarts on your wrist?

It is like asking why one requirements all the attributes on the call when most could currently be perform on pc. Also funny come think about how google is advertise out colony Hub Max once it is simply a stationary tablet.

I recently gained one for complimentary (gift from a merchant we invest a lot of with). Ns didn't see any kind of real purpose for it, however started wearing the because, well, I as with gadgets! however then ns was babysitting my grandchild and also the call rang (watch vibrated). I was able go take call with watch while stop a baby. Caller couldn't tell i was making use of watch speaker. Also, together others said, a rapid glance mirrors notifications for this reason I deserve to decide if it's one I require fo take it my phone out for. Also, it renders me laugh obtaining "good job" sometimes when walking.

Bought one, I view 2 major reasons :

First, it's constantly connected to her phone. You acquire a notification, rather of taking your phone native pocket, unlocking it and then watching it's part random dude tweeting about his breakfast, you just take a look in ~ the watch and also then decision if it's precious wasting 10 2nd unlocking phone for this.

Repeat 30 time a day and also you saved 5 minutes.

Secondly, her phone constantly remain unlocked when near your watch. No should fuck about with the fingerprint reader, just acquired to have your watch.

Samsung wellness is fine however I uncovered it come be negative at tracking variety of floor i climb daily, heart rate tracking is ... Not assistance efficient.

Fitness. I like the fitness tracking. It's as an excellent as Withings devices, which I used for 3 year prior. It's great to go on a run and also have music top top the watch and the gps so a phone call isn't required.

Fashion. It's customizable and also the faces can it is in changed. Ns actually usage the S3 classic as my consistent watch due to the fact that it looks an ext traditional and also the galaxy watch for fitness or when I take trip for a couple of days since the battery will certainly last about 4 days.

It's also really useful for acquisition calls quickly and also keeping my hand free.

I came from iPhone/Apple clock combination. I at this time have the Galaxy energetic watch and also honestly, it's a let down. I can't usage the message featuring unless I usage the default messenger (which ns don't bc I use Textra) Also, it does not occupational as seemlessly as the applew atch did once it involves music (unless I'm doing something wrong). As soon as I would play music on iPhone, the AW would immediately go to Spotify and also volume controls top top the watch. V my Galaxy the doesn't happen.

I understand it doesn't have actually as plenty of features as the other Galaxy watches, however I have tiny wrists and cannot see myself through the bulkyness that the others.

I to be planning on just selling it due to the fact that it is pretty pointless for me come wear it because that no reason other than come tell time.

I've had the gear S3 due to the fact that launch.

Bought the to provide it a try. I had actually the initial Motorola 360 (running Android Wear) and liked it, but wanted to shot something different. Tizen is faster and smoother in my experience.

It has actually nothing to perform with replacing her phone, but much more so complementing it. Mine watch permits me to not have to reach because that my phone unless I absolutely have to. Native checking and also responding to messaging notifications (from multiple apps), to making purchases (NFC and also MST), come even managing my media playback.

That's a personal preference question only you could answer. Figure out what gestures are much more important to you and go from there.

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I to be going to spend 100/150 on a normal watch anyway

Multiple watch encounters - can create your own

Battery Life is precious backing, 4/5 work is unheard of because that a gadget in daily use

It speak the time..

Not obtaining phone out all the moment is great, and also vibrations because that notifications median I never miss a WhatsApp or Phone contact etc

I disagree. They're not life an altering but they serve a purpose and I use mine every day.

Mine speak the time, has alarms, offers me notifications from pick apps on my wrist (so I have the right to differentiate between important notifications and non vital ones), provides me directions without me having actually to walk around with mine phone out, controlls Spotify and also other audio, tracks activity and workouts.

So yeah, no life changing but certainly nice to have.

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The LTE provides me usage my phone call less, together I don't carry my phone approximately for masic ingredient anymore, choose groceries, going for a walk and also even sometimes I leave it home for work.