Hands- free Mode

When Hands-free mode is turned on, the maker will read out just arrive callers, blog post senders, alarms, and schedule information, and also give friend the opportunity to answer a speak to using air Gestures™.

To revolve on Hands-free mode, native the house screen, touch Menu
> settings
> My maker
> Hands-free mode
. Touch the slider
to turn Hands-free mode on
. Touch OK top top the dialog box about turning off S Voice™ Hands-free. To easily turn Hands-free mode off and on, through two fingers slightly apart, swipe native the peak of the screen to the bottom to access the rapid Panel. Touch the symbol for Hands-free mode. Once the function is on, the symbol will it is in green.The following alternatives are available:•Incoming call: as soon as an incoming contact is received, review out the caller"s information.•Messages: as soon as a new text or multimedia blog post arrives, check out out the sender"s information.•Alarm: once the alert sounds, read out the alert information.•Calendar event info: as soon as the calendar event alarm sounds, review out the calendar information.NOTE
: waiting Gestures will certainly be turn on, and the volume will be turned on come the minimum level if it was previously muted or set to vibrate.

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S Voice Hands-free

•"Call Charlie mobile."•"Call Joe work."•"Redial."•"Dial 6171231234."


•"Text Charlie."•"Text Katie post Are you free tonight because that dinner?"•"Send blog post to man How"s the going?"•"Read my messages."


•"New occasion Lunch with James July 21st in ~ 1 p.m."•"What"s on mine calendar?"•"Check schedule on Friday."•"Add event Dance course Saturday at 10 a.m. Because that 2 hours."•"Cancel the budget plan review meeting."


•"Play playlist my favorites."•"Play album secrets."•"Play next song."•"Play joyful music."

Hands-free setting

•"Hands-free mode on."•"Hands-free setting off."


•"Navigate come Cambridge, MA."•"Directions come Palm Springs."•"Map the Boston."

Hear News

•"Read the news."•"I want to listen the news."•"Next or ahead news."


•"What is the weather today?"•"Check the weather forecast."