Samsung"s lineup the Galaxy buds are several of the best true wireless earbuds you deserve to buy ~ above Android or iOS, yet that"s even much more true if you usage a Galaxy smartphone. The buds sound great, space comfortable and convenient, and also can be fee on the go. But what happens if your Samsung Galaxy buds Live charging instance or Galaxy Buds/Buds+ charging case gets lost, misplaced, or damaged? We"ll display you what to do to gain a replacement.

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How to change the charging instance for her Samsung Galaxy Buds, sprout Plus, or buds Live

If it"s lost, shot finding that first

This seems obvious, however hear united state out. Retrace your steps, shot to remember whereby you last had actually the case, and work earlier from there. Hopefully, it couldn"t have gone far!

While the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app does have a function that enables you come ping her Galaxy sprout themselves, it doesn"t occupational to locate the charging case. This is due to the fact that there is no speak in the case from which to play a pinging noise.

Reach out to customer service

Lost tools are not extended under warranty, but damaged or damaged cases can be. Contact Samsung customer company if your battery situation has been damaged or is not functioning correctly, and also they might be may be to assist you get a fix or replacement.

Order a full replacement set

Samsung does not directly sell instead of charging situations for the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy buds Plus, or Galaxy sprout Live products, for this reason in stimulate to get a brand brand-new case, you"ll have to order an entirely new set. This is obviously the least desirable and also most expensive replacement method, but ultimately it might be the last termination you space left with.

Of course, if you were unhappy through your Galaxy sprout devices, friend can always purchase one alternative collection of true wireless earbuds, like the Jabra elite 75t or the Google Pixel Buds.

While us can"t vouch because that the high quality of all refubished products, your best option if you want to save some money is to search sites like eBay and Newegg because that refurbished charging cases. As always with sites prefer this, be certain to examine on the seller or vendor rating, and also feel free to reach the end to them straight if you have any type of questions or concerns about the refurbed case.

It is additionally worth noting that if you have actually both the Galaxy Buds and also Galaxy buds Plus that the buds deserve to fit and also charge in one of two people case. That way that if you shed one case however still have actually the other, you deserve to use that to fee whichever buds or sprout Plus need a top off.

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Our top devices picks

If you uncover yourself having to purchase a new set that Galaxy Buds, you can"t walk wrong through these two current editions!

Our finest buds

Samsung Galaxy buds Plus

Truly good TWEs

The Galaxy buds Plus are among our favorite true wireless earbuds since they have phenomenal battery life, terrific sound quality, and also customization alternatives in the app. And also now the the Galaxy buds Live space out, these can frequently be uncovered on sale.