The State the California has entrusted the mountain Francisco Bar Pilots come safely and also efficiently navigate the world’s biggest ships with 160 mile of phibìc America’s most challenging waterways.

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No cost to Taxpayers

Operating prices of the san Francisco Bar Pilots are 100% paid for by the corporations and ship owners who usage our services. The vast majority of our customers room headquartered external the joined States.


Government Regulated

The san Francisco Bar Pilots are licensed and also regulated through both the united States coastline Guard and the California board of Pilot Commissioners. Durable state and also federal regulation govern all pilotage activity.


170 Year History

Founded in 1850 through California’s first legislature, the mountain Francisco Bar Pilots have actually been top top the front lines of protecting north California’s pristine waters since the gold Rush.


A nationwide Standard

In 1789, the very first US Congress gave states the best to manage pilotage in your waters. Today, more than half of the claims in the nation have a state pilotage system.


Treacherous Waters

The san Francisco Bay’s topography, strong currents, high web traffic volumes and rapidly transforming weather do it one of the most complicated pilotage waters in the unified States.

On speak to 24/7

San Francisco Bar Pilots work on contact all hrs of the day and night, 365 job a year, safe navigating ship in and also out of mountain Francisco Bay and also its tributaries.

For end 20 years, the san Francisco Bar Pilots have actually collected new toys and also bikes because that the SFFD’s annual toy drive. We room proud to carry holiday joy to deserving youngsters all around the bay Area. Learn more about this vital program here.

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Since 1990, the mountain Francisco Bar Pilots have funded annual scholarships come students attending CSU marine Academy. Learn more about the talented college student who have actually received our scholarships here.