Today, i will review Schick Quattro For ladies Trimstyle Razor and also Bikini Trimmer.

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Product Claims:

Dual-function, waterproof razor and bikini-area trimmer vibrates.Battery-operated, flexible trimmer comb because that a clean, close shave.Compact cartridge v pivoting head razor complies with your natural curves.Four-blade razor because that a smooth shave.Contoured rubber manage for a comfortable grip.


Product Description:

For a smooth shave wherever you need, the Schick Quattro for women TrimStyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer offers twin function in one easy-to-use, compact tool. A vibrating, pivoting head v four chisels provides greater adaptability and enables you to follow the natural curves of your legs and also body. The battery-powered trimmer is appropriate for your bikini area and offers three length settings for a close, clean shave.


This waterproof trimmer features a contoured rubber handle for a comfortable grip, when the head gives three various lengths because that a clean shave. The blade’s four conditioning strips aid to soothe and also moisturize shave skin, reduce irritation and keeping you silky smooth.


Compact Cartridge v Four-Blade Pivoting Head Razor:

Designed particularly for a woman’s body, the curves of the cartridge follow your natural shape. The four-blade razor offers a an exact shave when the pivoting head offers greater flexibility and can glide into hard-to-reach areas. You have the right to choose in between Schick Quattro for females Ultra Smooth or sensitive blade refills for a long-lasting, clean cut every time. The Ultra Smooth refills attribute Acai Berry and Jojoba air conditioning strips to provide moisture for your skin. The sensitive blade refills room specially formulated v hypoallergenic ingredients the calm and soothe your skin.


Portable, Waterproof Bikini-Area Trimmer:

The Schick Quattro for females TrimStyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer flips open to disclose a battery-powered vibrating trimmer that’s straightforward to use anywhere. The durable, long-lasting trimmer chisels can be adjusted to three lengths, or you have the right to remove the comb totally for a near trim. The bikini-area trimmer operates with one AAA battery (included).

Ergonomic take care of for Comfort:

The lightweight razor is designed with a contoured rubber take care of for a steady, comfortable shave. The ergonomic handle offers simply the best size and also balance to help you maneuver around all the curves on your legs, bikini area, and underarms.


What’s in the Box:

Schick Quattro for women TrimStyle Razor and also Bikini Trimmer (1-Pack), 1 AAA Battery.

How come Use:

Choose her Smooth• you choose: Ultra Smooth or Sensitive blades for long-lasting smoothness. Then just go with the flow. The compact pivoting head follows the organic contours of your body.• 4 Blades. Each stroke glides tenderness over your skin. With 4 precision blades, its synchronized to offer you ultimate comfort v every pass of the razor. Currently thats smooth!• acquire a Grip. We recognize your skin have to be stamped handle with care. Schick’s stylish manage is especially designed through a contoured rubber grip because that comfort. A actual hands-on technique you could say.• revolve Me On. No, not favor that, mischievous girl. The battery-powered TrimStyle razor is waterproof. Therefore its it s okay to use while showering.• stay Neat and also Trim. The waterproof trimmer gives a neat, clean look and also feel for her bikini area. Now youre ready for a day in ~ the beach or a night top top the town.• an individual Boundaries. Gain as close together you want. The TrimStyle razors adjustable comb functions three length settings to establish your an individual boundaries. As always, care should be taken once using any kind of razor or trimmer.



• gained your Quattro for ladies razor the end of the package? To aid you make the most of its high-performance features, below are some shaving recommendations:• get warm. For the smoothest cut possible, make sure the restroom is toasty and the water nice and warm. You could even pop in your favorite sultry R&B CD because that maximum steam, due to the fact that goose bump don’t go well through close shaves.• save it wet. An excellent things involved those who wait to shave at the finish of the bathtub or shower when hair is soft through water and easier to cut. Shaving wet hair likewise prevents her razor from obtaining duller sooner.• Lay the on thick. Don’t be fear to acquire crazy with the shaving gel or creams. For best results, we recommend making use of a razor through Skintimate shave gels or creams. A nice, special lather of Skintimate cut gels or cream will aid the razor glide and also keep your skin moist.• choose a direction. With the hair growth or versus the hair growth-it’s as much as you. Store in mind that shaving versus the grain gives you the closestly shave. But if you’re perceptible to razor burn, shot shaving in the direction of her hair growth. You have the right to still express your going-against-the-grain self v other means like an interpretive shower head dance-just don’t slip.• Go easy on yourself. Do long, even, tenderness strokes through your Quattro for women razor. Permit the metal take care of navigate friend safely over delicate areas like ankles and also knees. Marvel at every the region you sheathe in one pass many thanks to the four blades.• Love your skin. When you’ve finished shaving, offer your skin the star therapy it deserves. One alcohol-free, unscented lotion is a good choice. You might even shot pampering her baby-smooth legs through baby oil.


Bonus Bikini line anUnderarm Tips:

• try to make just one pass of the razor over breakable areas. If you have sensitive skin, shot Shicks perceptible refills with Hypo-Allergenic Aloe Formula.• Bikini area hair has tendency to be thicker and denser-so crank increase the heat water and also shaving cream!• cut bikini area horizontally, indigenous the external to the inside of the upper thigh and also groin area. When shaving delicate skin under the arms, closely let the razor glide from the bottom up.• Wait a if before using deodorant or antiperspirant to underarms.• Remember the shaving (especially the bikini area) year-round have the right to actually aid you protect against irritation and ingrown hairs. Yet you already knew it doesn’t pay to slack off on shaving throughout the winter months!


$10 -$ 18 relying on whether you obtain it on sale.


My endure with Schick Quattro For ladies Trimstyle Razor and also Bikini Trimmer:

This come in a feminine pink and also teal package. The device itself is pink and also white and also so is quite feminine. The Quattro For women Trimstyle comes v a plastic holder i m sorry suctions to the shower wall. I love this because I have the right to keep it within the reach all the time.


The suction sometimes does fail and also the whole thing falls suddenly however the product quiet survives. The trimmer is it is provided by 1 AAA battery which has actually a fairly clever compartment. This makes the entirety thing waterproof. That also way the trimmer can be cleaned up by running water over it. The battery life is great too. One battery lasts friend for around 2 months if you use it once a week.


The trimmer is phenomenal – small, i beg your pardon is in reality a advantage considering the bikini area..The trimmer has an flexible comb because that 3 various lengths and can be removed totally for the closest possible trim. That trims hair so brief when you perform not usage the comb the you do should shave. Ns have reduced myself a couple of times once I have not supplied the comb, however now I know the cheat is to host the skin tight. The is also handy because that shaving underarms dry if girlfriend don’t require a close shave.


I can use the trimmer in one of two people direction; although, the reduced was closer if ns went versus the grain. The trimmer is no super quiet. It sounds favor an electrical razor and also if you feel the have to hide what you’re doing, make sure to have the shower on or to be residence alone. However, the was not ridiculously loud. If you don’t have actually time to shave, the trimmer functions well. If you like to do both, it’s a 2-tools-in-1.


About the Razor:

It is like any other good quality razor. It has four chisels which provide you a near shave and it has never reduced me also when I remained in a hurry and have only provided it with water, however I strongly recommend you to usage a cut cream every time. Overall, i am really very happy through this product.




Pros of Schick Quattro For women Trimstyle Razor and also Bikini Trimmer:

Easy come use.Convenient.Battery operated.Travel friendly.Small-sized trimmer functions well for tough to reach places.Waterproof.

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Cons of Schick Quattro For ladies Trimstyle Razor and also Bikini Trimmer:


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