Having the capacity to take it a screenshot ~ above a smartphone is just one of the most essential and crucial features ~ above today’s devices. No matter if you get an unintended — despite hilarious — autocorrected text message, or merely need come record necessary information or data, it’s crucial your phone possesses this essential feature. Due to the fact that of this, many (if not all) phones now enable for some an approach of capturing its screen via a succession of button pushes or separation, personal, instance apps and also widgets.

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When it comes to the Android-based Moto X and also Moto G smartphone, the procedure for snapping a tho of the screen proves to it is in a straightforward and also easy process–not to mention each phone features similar techniques for execution. To aid fans of one of two people model master the art of acquisition the perfect screenshot, we’ve put together this comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough.

Step 1. Situate the Power and Volume buttons

Like larger Moto G and Moto X models, taking a screenshot needs the use of the phone’s Power and also Volume down buttons. As soon as looking in ~ the display of the phone, locate both the Power and also Volume down buttons ~ above the appropriate side that the device.


Step 2. Acquisition the screenshot

With the required buttons situated on the device, you’re currently ready come snap a picture of your phone’s screen. Simply host down the Moto G or Moto X’s Power and also Volume down buttons simultaneously for roughly three seconds. If excellent correctly, you should hear a camera shutter sound and also a quick notification signifying the screenshot’s success.

Captured screenshots then conserve to the Moto G or Moto X’s Screenshots folder withing the device’s Gallery. To accessibility the Screenshots folder, simply click on the device’s Applications button top top the house screen, select Gallery, and also click Screenshot.

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Step 3. Edit and also share your photos (Optional)

Similar to various other photos in ~ the Moto G or Moto X’s gallery, users have actually the ability to edit any screenshot taken. Users also have the alternative to send screenshot via email or picture message, and the capability to share them across a organize of social media websites favor Facebook or Twitter.