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Sears is offering away $1,000 in gift cards everyday when girlfriend play the Wheel that Fortune holiday Puzzler app game.


Sweeps Rating: it s okay (Rules space on the App)

Eligibility: US, DC, 18 and older

Entry Dates: October 23, 2016 and ends top top December 9, 2016 in ~ 11:59 afternoon CT

Random Drawing: top top or around the next organization day

AMOE Website entrance Form

App Entry:

Scroll down to uncover the Wheel the Fortune vacation Puzzler Game, insanity your display to playYou will receive five turns come guess a letter (consonant or vowel) had within the puzzle solution. At the end of 5 turns, you will have the possibility to resolve the puzzle. If you get the equipment correct you will receive five entries right into the sweepstakes.You only get one entry if you don’t answer it correctly.

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Daily Sears vacation Puzzler Answers:

You obtain 5 points for adding the exactly answers each day

Follow me on Snapchat and watch my breaks and/or Instagram to see the daily answer too

October 28: file snowflakesOctober 29: hot cocoaOctober 30: apple cinnamon candleOctober 31: pecan pieNovember 1: reindeerNovember 2: ball, plow, angel, mobileNovember 3: chimneyNovember 4: cornucopiaNovember 5: mulled apologize ciderNovember 6: Frosty the SnowmanNovember 7: (across) skirt, ornaments, (down) star, bowsNovember 8: pie pansNovember 9: The Nightmare before ChristmasNovember 10: pack PaperNovember 11: Polar BearNovember 12: snowblowerNovember 13: office vacation partyNovember 14: vacation lightsNovember 15: candy canesNovember 16: snow bootsNovember 17: the north poleNovember 18: shoveling the drivewayNovember 19: autumn stuffersNovember 20: Winter WonderlandNovember 21: warm woolen mittensNovember 22: ugly holiday sweater partyNovember 23: The first Noel the angel Did SayNovember 24: turkey basterNovember 25: black Friday SaleNovember 26: Trimming the TreeNovember 27: spinning the DreidelNovember 28: city hall Wheel that FortuneNovember 29: secret SantaNovember 30: Shopping in ~ SearsDecember 1: Cross-Country SkiingDecember 2: Mrs. ClausDecember 3: whipped creamDecember 4: elvesDecember 5: critical minute shoppingDecember 6: gift tagsDecember 7: Holiday WreathDecember 8: The GriswoldsDecember 9: Christmas Vacation

Entry Limit: one video game per human per day nevertheless of entry method. Non-winning entries perform NOT rollover for succeeding drawings.

Four hundreds Eighty (480) Prizes (10 per day): $100 Sears Gift Card. (allow two weeks because that email distribution of prizes)