If you tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S21, the note 20 Ultra 5G, or another new smartphone, then you might want to market your old handset. Numerous used Samsung Galaxy smartphones readjust hands every day, however you require to setup properly if you want to for sure the ideal price.

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Whether you have a Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, S9 Plus, or S8 to sell, the sooner you perform it, the much more cash you’re most likely to make. Let’s take a closer watch at how to offer your old Samsung Galaxy.

Sell it come others straight on Craigslist, eBay, etc

There is a roaring trade in offered Samsung Galaxy smartphones ~ above eBay, Craigslist, and other sites where you deserve to sell your old handset directly to a private buyer. Prices room variable and also it’s not as simple as several of your other options below, yet this is possibly the most financially rewarding way come dispose of her old handset.

You can collection your own asking price and also potentially acquire a rapid sale, yet you have to be prepared to address time-wasters, spam, and also a little bit of hassle sending the phone or meeting up with someone come exchange it for cash.

Our recommended company in this group is Swappa, as it offers good protection for buyers and sellers. It’s completely free to list her Galaxy ~ above Swappa, through a sale fee added to the price for potential buyers. Verification photos room reviewed through staff, and an IMEI check is performed to ensure that the handset isn’t stolen or blacklisted. Friend should incorporate shipping expenses in the price and be all set to ship within two days the receiving payment.

Trade the in for credit

If you nothing mind accepting gift certificates or credit, then you have the right to trade in your phone digital or in the save at a selection of places. Enter a few simple details right into an online form or take it it to a store and get a quick appraisal. If you happy with what is offered, then you can mail your phone turn off for totally free or hand the over. There are lots of choices here, but Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Verizon, and Best buy are among the biggest.

Samsung additionally usually supplies some type of trade-in deal for used devices. Because that example, friend can currently purchase a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for $400 if you profession in a Galaxy keep in mind 20 5G Ultra or a Galaxy Z fold in an excellent condition.

Sell it come a company

There are a the majority of companies committed to purchase old electronics that will certainly happily snap up your old Samsung Galaxy. Girlfriend can go into details right into an online kind and get a quote in seconds, they regularly provide free post and packaging, and you get a payment by check or PayPal in ~ a couple of days of sending out your phone. Be honest around the problem of her phone when you apply for a quote, though, due to the fact that they only pay out after a satisfactory inspection.

One the the biggest players in this category is Gazelle. It has a related business called ecoATM, i beg your pardon is an automatic kiosk the you can put your old Galaxy into to gain cash ~ above the spot. Girlfriend will find these kiosks in malls across the country. Various other services precious checking out incorporate Glyde, uSell, Decluttr, and also Blazing Electronics.

How much is her old Galaxy worth?

Making sure you get what her old phone call is worth comes from doing the research. You deserve to save some time v an aggregation site prefer Flipsy or SellMyCellPhones yet you need to be cautious since these website don’t perform every option out there. We’ve researched a few average prices because that you, to display you just how much three various handsets can be if you were to offer them at the time of publishing this article. Note that prices fluctuate and also tend to decrease the enlarge a handset gets. These prices are solely based on a fully working phone call in great condition through the cable, charger, and also box included. These room cash uses unless otherwise stated. Make certain that when you are viewing the price, you space thinking about the expense to pay because that packaging and postage v eBay and Swappa.

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Used 64GB Galaxy S9 to add on at & t in great condition

Andy Boxall/Digital TrendseBay: $180Swappa: $206Blazing Electronics: $162Decluttr: $128Amazon: $70 (gift card)uSell: $90Best Buy: $30 (gift card)Walmart: $86 (gift card)

Used 128GB Galaxy S10 unlocked in an excellent condition

Julian Chokkattu/Digital TrendseBay: $250Swappa: $304Decluttr: $184Blazing Electronics: $252uSell: $160Walmart: $160 (gift card)

Used Galaxy S20 5G unlocked in an excellent condition

Andy Boxall/neurosoup.orgeBay: $390Swappa: $467Blazing Electronics: $366Decluttr: $321Amazon: $230 (gift card)Best Buy: $118 (gift card)Walmart: $261 (gift card)

Tips to take away

sell soon: her old phone isn’t acquiring any an ext valuable with time. Prices have the right to drop accurate in an instant. Every time Samsung announces a brand-new release, the sector gets flooded with civilization selling your older models to obtain an upgrade. With so many old models available, the price of each is going to drop. That a matter of supply and demand, yet you have the right to depend on the prices virtually always dropping through time. It’s worth noting that some websites will certainly lock in her price but still give you 30 days to send in the Galaxy. carry out your homework: Research different online markets to make sure you’ve found the ideal deal. Regularly your best option will be trading her phone straight with your carrier, which deserve to take part time, or maybe you would choose to take it a lower deal for fast cash. Still, if you don’t perform your research, friend won’t know if you’re obtaining a same price.Editors' Recommendations