The song residence by Phillip Phillips became an immediate favorite of mine together I watched him win America Idol a year or so ago. The words appeared to speak for this reason powerfully about life and also how we resolve things the come ours way. The reason I am choosing to write around these lyrics has to do with the revolution that they have undergone in an interpretation to me over this critical year.

When I an initial listened come the song I assumed it was a beautiful story that two civilization going v life and also trouble yet making the outcome your home. Ok, this is a an extremely shorthand summary of one feasible meaning. Yet over this last year I have actually been undergoing some huge transformations in my life and also this song surprisingly has been along for the ride through me. Because that me now it is more about my higher self talking providing a love pep speak to the part of me that gets stuck in fear, ego and worry. “Settle under it will all be clear, don’t salary no mind come the demons that fill you fear” This is a lesson that I have to say has been a journey, however one that i am start to check out the light at the finish of the really long tunnel. Realizing the worry and fear get you no where has been vast in allowing myself come let walk of the past and allow my true me to shine through. There are so many an ext points that are an individual to me in this song yet I think ns will save that till the end!

I haven’t post on this blog since late critical year. This was largely out the avoidance much more than anything else, but I am done staying clear of things ns love the end of the issue that I might upset someone. It is time to monitor my heart and to continue to work on one of the worries that i am pretty sure we every worry about to some extent, other peoples judgement of us.

“Troubles they might drag friend down, if you gain lost you have the right to be found”

I fan a lot come the amazing world who assisted me uncover myself once I acquired lost end the last 3 years. Few of these human being are the people who space with me everyday but others space the “earth angels” together a dear girlfriend of mine placed it who helped carry the right human being in mine life at the best time. Ns am now at a ar where ns am uncovering my true self, the true me that had actually been covered with the problem of the past, yet now can be thankful because that the challenges and also see that they have helped do me who I to be today. Now, don’t get me wrong, i am not saying the I have actually reached some sort of high enlightenment, yet I have reached enough to accept things the means they occurred and also to see that the future is brighter 보다 I had given it credit before in the past. 

“Just know your not alone, I’m walking to make this location your home”

I know now that i am no alone, no that I ever really was. However the people who have actually presented themselves in my life room so remarkable that thankful is no a strong enough word for my feelings toward them. And also to those that I have actually left behind ns am simply as grateful, without moving on i would have actually never had the chance to find out what true love, friendship and also family truly is. Ns am an ext at residence now internally and also externally than ever and also I look front to where the future is taking me. Ns am grateful for having discovered true impetus again and knowing the this is something unique that ns can offer to the world. I am grateful to have such amazing children who will forever it is in my greatest gift to the world, because that they will certainly share their bright inside selves to assist the people in a way that i can’t also imagine. Ns am grateful to my remarkable husband, that stands by me as I am uncovering that I am deep down and loves me unconditionally.

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I am grateful for mine amazingly faithful & true friends, friends who stand by each other not just when things space good, however support each various other through the difficult times. And also to my dearest Angela, there room no indigenous to give thanks to you for all you have done because that me and I love girlfriend deeply!