Hey been a when eh? Wasn"t certain what to do next on this however I thought of this Idea and really liked it.

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So video game Over. Indigenous everyone no to see as it is the video game saying you have actually failed

Once in a if though several of these displays you see can be a little bit unnerving come downright creepy. Therefore I chose t do my perform of the creepiest video game over screens I have the right to remember. Keep in mental these were creepy to me together a kid. Recently not lot creeps me out but I do know why these bothered me.

Perhaps you will certainly as well.

Number 5. Drowning- at sight Mario 64

Ah Mario 64, therefore many good memories and also magical moments. This isn"t so bad visually but Charles Martinet"s voice acting prefer it"s drowning always freaked me out a little as a kid. It just sounded sort of specific to me and also this feeling so out of location in a Mario game. Constantly left me a little bit paranoid once swimming. I would always shot to do everything underwater quickly so ns wouldn"t need to hear it ever again.

Number 4. Dirge game over screen- zero of the Colossus

So zero of the Colossus, one of the couple of games I think about a job-related of art. I absolutely love this game from the bosses come music.

Now then... Dirge. Without a doubt one of the an ext frightening Colossi.

<4K> shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - Colossus #10: Dirge Fight

A giant sand serpent that chases you and the only method stun it is to shoot that is eye once it pokes that head out. No too negative but if friend made the failure of dice to this boss what you experienced was a little bit jarring...


All Colossi have actually a video game over display which depicts them but god damn to be Dirge"s video game over display different. Really unnerved me as a kid and I can understand why.

Number 3. Game Over- Resident angry 3

So together a kid I did favor the N64 end my PS1 however not for the reason you"re thinking.

You check out the N64 to be cartridge based therefore the fill times to be a lot shorter. The PS1 was disc based so a most times you found a black display staring in ~ you. This constantly creeped me the end a bit as a kid yet no video game did this much more than Resi 3.

Game Over: Resident evil 3 - Nemesis (Death Animations)

Just the words girlfriend died, silence and also a black color screen. It always left me emotion a little bit anxious virtually like I assumed Nemesis would certainly jump the end at me.

Probably shouldn"t have actually played this therefore young but shut increase it to be fun.

Number 2. The world Ends- Majora"s Mask

Ah Majora"s Mask. There is no a doubt one of my favourite Zelda games. So different with its more ominous atmosphere and just darker things anywhere the place. No everyone favored the 3 job countdown mechanic in the game. I loved it due to the fact that it added a feeling of urgency and seriousness to her quest. That being stated I"m sure like me everyone was curious what would take place when the time hit 0. So one day I waited, what I witnessed surprised me come say the least. You view some gamings will allow you understand what happens if friend fail her quest. Majora"s Mask straight up reflects you...

Legend the Zelda Majora"s Mask: The end of the World

You check out the moon autumn into the earth and destroy everything. Until the apocalyptic fire eventually catches up to Link and snuffs his life out.

Rate E for everyone.

Seriously this video game is one of the darkest i have ever before played. This video game over screen really messed v me as a kid.

Now you"re probably asking yourself what could possibly peak Majora"s Mask?! The thing is the tone and also atmosphere that the game didn"t do that game over also surprising.

In my opinion the worst points are uncovered where girlfriend don"t mean them. It renders them that lot creepier and also honestly this last one genuinely frightened me together a child.

Might surprised you or can not.


Number 1. Video game Over- Sonic CD

Game Over: Sonic CD


Well permit me explain. It"s no the visuals or anything it"s the god damn music.

The ceo fight theme was currently kind the creepy in the phibìc American variation of the game.

Boss (US) - Sonic the Hedgehog CD Music Extended

The game over theme really simply steps the up.

Sonic CD - game Over Music ~ USA

I didn"t suppose it at all in a Sonic video game of all places, it fully caught me turn off guard and genuinely scared me.

Quick side note:

what was up v this game?

It also had this bizzare easter egg in the sound test.

"Fun is infinite with Sega Enterprises!" (Sonic CD Easter Egg) (North America)

Love this game but man that is weird in hindsight.

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I in reality wasnt surprised around the last one.

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poke Jack (Pokejack2006)

The Sonic CD US video game Over Boss template & 46 12 25 Easter are Not Scary

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The Dark side of the Rune author

I stated they to be creepy and also I was a kid when I proficient them the very first time. To add this is completely subjective.

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bag Jack (Pokejack2006)

Reply to: The Dark next of the Rune


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Aaaaaah the moon is back! Nuke it!

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"End the the world" native Majora"s Mask is by far one of the best soundtracks in video game history.

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The Dark side of the Rune author

Yeah i agree final hours is great.

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Metroid prime 2 and also 3

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The Dark side of the Rune writer

Didn"t beat either really young and didn"t uncover them also creepy.

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