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Fans eagerly awaited the relax of Shadow of the Colossus, a great and beautiful action-adventure video game by Team ICO, who likewise brought united state ICO and also The critical Guardian.

The playstation 4-exclusive release of Colossus lugged vastly update graphics, smoother gameplay, and an enhanced version that the experience veteran football player of both the game stations 2 and 3 had since its initial relax in 2005. It offered over 70% more copies 보다 in its original release and has appreciated rave reviews from fans.


There are sixteen complete Colossi in this game, each v its own shape, size, and also puzzle to loss it. This is a overview on locating and defeating the second Colossus, nicknamed Quadratus, the four-legged, goat-like monster float is required to hunt down and destroy. Girlfriend do not need Agro for this mission.

“Thy next opponent is... In the seaside cave... It move slowly... Raise her courage to defeat it.”

Finding Quadratus

The second Colossus you are required to loss is northwest that the main temple, whereby you will certainly be teleported ~ the defeat of the very first monster, Valus. Head exterior on Agro and turn ideal from the departure to walk northwest.

You will shortly reach a large bridge, with a coast visible top top the right. Overcome the bridge and also keep one eye on the place of the rock door or wall. Upon reaching the other side of the bridge, take it the course on the right, i m sorry is a slope leading down to the shore.

Turn right again and follow the sword's light (if needed) to the an excellent stone door friend spotted earlier. Friend will recognize when you have uncovered the best spot since out will burst the Colossus!


Latching On

Though Agro is current in this battle, that isn't important to gallop approximately on the to defeat this monster. Hop off the horse and also stand in front of Quadratus. The monster is slow and will not take you by surprise with any kind of unexpected attacks.

Almost instantly upon appearing in prior of him, the beast will certainly raise his front hooves as if to protect against on the ground. Usage the left bumper arrowhead to switch Wander's weapon native his knife to his bow and also arrows. Usage R1 come aim and also hit the bottom of among the Colossus' hooves (the green part). The doesn't issue which one you hit.

When you have pierced the bottom of his hoof v an arrow, you'll listen the monster roar and also he will fall to the ground. Automatically run to his knee (of the leg you hit), i m sorry is spanned in fur. You have the right to latch ~ above him and climb to a shelf-like framework on his shoulder, where you can rest and also regain Wander's stamina.

Finding Weak clues (Magic Sigils)

In Easy and also Medium modes, there are two magic sigils the Wander demands to attack to defeat this Colossus. Head approximately towards the back of Quadratus by clutching the hair on his side. Cave on through R2 as soon as he tries to shake you off.

The magic sigil deserve to be uncovered on the optimal of his tail (don't forget to switch from your bow and arrows to your sword!) Stab the sigil until about fifty percent of the Colossus' wellness is depleted.

Then head along the appropriate side that his body, being cautious to clutch his hair when he shakes. The 2nd weak point out is top top his head; similar to the first Colossus, cling on once he flails and also stab at the sigil until he is defeated.

If You're playing on difficult Mode

On tough Mode, Quadratus has actually an extra weak clues on his left side and each clues is precious a 3rd of his in its entirety health. It would be wise, then, to go for the subsequent hoof once firing arrows so friend can attack it ~ above your method to the tail.

If you room still uncertain around how to defeat this Colossus, examine out the video clip guide below.

This Colossus is numerous fun to defeat and arguably less scary than some of the others! with this rapid guide, you'll be properly battling this awesome-looking monster in no time, and also be ready to take it on the third Colossus, Gaius.

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