During this stage, you"ll simply have actually to finish the sole mission (and difficulty tomb that comes through it) this DLC includes. Friend can access this mission at any time when you"ve got to Kuwaq Yaku in the story.

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Stage 2: Equip the Outfit and Rifle You've derived as a RewardOnce you complete the side mission, you"ll achieve the Grenadier skill, the Umbrage 3-80 - Shade rifle, and the Brocken - Shadow outfit. Equip the rifle and the outfit to network you a trophy.

Stage 3: finish Score attack & Time attack With at the very least a bronze RatingFrom the key menu, girlfriend can accessibility the difficulty tomb "Forge of Destiny" (the very same you completed during the next mission) and also replay in both Score Attack and Time strike mode through a copper rating or above.

Once you"ve reached Kuwaq Yaku for the very first time in the story girlfriend can access this mission. Don"t stress if you"ve gone farther in the story; you can constantly go earlier to it by travelling to Kuwaq Yaku via a basic camp no issue which allude of the story you"re on. To begin this mission, go speak to Pilar in the facility of the village. Girlfriend can find it on the map marked with the next mission symbol v a special mark on it (as displayed in the image below). If you"ve to buy the definitive Edition, the mark will it is in of one eclipse instead.
 If you"re having actually trouble v the challenge tomb found during this mission, describe  Echoes the the quick for a speedrun of said an obstacle tomb.
You"ll come throughout this difficulty tomb together you progress through this DLC"s next mission.If you"re having trouble v it, describe  Echoes the the rapid for a speedrun the this challenge tomb.
Echoes that the FastObtain a Bronze, Silver, or gold medal in Time strike for the build of Destiny difficulty Tomb12.90%Rare

For this trophy, you should beat the difficulty tomb "Forge that Destiny" in time strike mode in less than 8 minutes. You"ll unlock this setting by completing the challenge tomb in the key game and also you can access it native the main menu in the "Challenge Tombs" section. Time attack is no different from tackling the dig the common way; the only difference is the timer shown in the upper-right corner.
You deserve to invite a friend or stranger online to assist you v this an obstacle although this is not necessary.
This trophy shouldn"t be too challenging as you"ll currently have resolved the dig at least once and you"ll be acquainted with the mechanics, but just in case you deserve to use this video guide.
Echoes that the FuriousObtain a Bronze, Silver, or gold medal in Score attack for the build of Destiny difficulty Tomb12.58%Rare

For this trophy, you should beat the difficulty tomb "Forge of Destiny" in Score strike mode through a score that at the very least 250,000 points. This mode is unlocked by clearing the an obstacle tomb throughout the next mission and can it is in accessed in the key menu under the "Challenge Tombs" section. This trophy shouldn"t be too tough as you"ll currently have to win the dig at the very least once despite you"ll still have to pay attention to the lanterns (which you shoot for points) and blue fires (which you touch for points) scattered throughout the map. You must constantly gather points via this two approaches to save the multiplier walk while clearing the tomb together normal.
Just similar to the time attack challenge, you have the right to invite a friend or stranger digital to tackle this setting co-op although that is no necessary. If you don"t feel like making up your own an approach to to win this challenge, then feel cost-free to make use of this video guide. Forge that Destiny Score Attack video clip Guide
Bleeding EdgeObtain the Grenadier Skill, equip the Umbrage 3-80 the shade weapon, and Brocken zero outfit24.16%Uncommon

Equip the Umbrage 3-80 - Shade rifle and also the Brocken - Shadow outfit once you"ve beaten the side mission and the trophy is yours. The Grenadier skill, along with the two previously mentioned pieces of tools are every rewarded top top clearing the side mission.If you"ve purchased the definitive Edition or one of the DLC outfits, then make sure that both the rifle and the outfit have the hyphen and also the corresponding sub-name next to them (Shade because that the rifle and also Shadow for the outfit) as there are alternative versions of these piece of devices that don"t count towards the trophy.
The Path home is the seventh and also final DLC because that Shadow of the tomb Raider. The battle versus Amaru is over, yet what became of the Yaaxil? The answers lie underground...
The grand Caiman is the 6th DLC because that Shadow the the dig Raider. Something has awoken beneath san Juàn and also in order to uncover its secrets, you'll have to challenge the wrath of a Mayan god.

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The Price of survive is the fourth DLC because that Shadow that the tomb Raider. Study Amaru's past and also uncover a mystery Trinity hideout.