Little prince Nagit, suprisingly i think that may just be my favorite. The age thing kinda weirded me out since he isn’t even an adultand also kissing a 16 year oldis illegal, for this reason I simply told myself he to be 18 and I felt less weird about it. Anyway, Nagit is so freaking cutethat girlfriend can’t assist but love him. Hetries come act olderthan his brothers whichis why they choose on him, yet he is just so adorable as soon as he it s okay embaressed! ns can’t stand it!!!


There room times though that Nagit is an extremely manly and also even gets your heart racing. Prefer Him and the MC space escaping the kidnappers and he stands in prior to defend her, now what 16 year old would do that? i was yes, really taken turn off gaurd a couple of times with several of the things he said and did, which really just made me like him so much more. Right here are a pair of my favourite stills native his story.

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“I require a handy course ~ above love”… no gonna lie, that’s a pretty good pick increase line because that a 16 year old. And also look at that hat, that is simply so freaking cute in the hat!!!I really desire to dress that up prefer a panda and also see how cute he would look!


Here is Nagit’s walkthrough:

Chapter One

* You’re every kids.

* give thanks to you!

Chapter Two

* I had actually fun.

* I’ll acquire fat.

Chapter Three

* defend the boy.

* ns didn’t think.

Chapter Four

* friend fooled us.

* Work difficult for it.

Chapter Five

* ns don’t prefer it.

* Thanks!

Chapter Six

* Revenge!

* I’m v Nagit!

Chapter Seven

* room you jealous?

* display spirit.

Chapter Eight

* need to shape up!

* hold his hand.

Chapter Nine

* it is in the new king!

* ns won’t provide up!

Chapter Ten

* Thanks.

* good to watch him.

Chapter Eleven

* an excellent timing.

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* all right.

Chapter Twelve


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