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Sharon van Etten on \"dark\" and also \"funny\" new song \"Everytime The sunlight Comes Up\"
bySean AdamsMay 1st, 2014

With her brand-new album top top the method at the finish of May, Sharon van Etten speaks to DiS around her brand-new record.

We recorded up through the maker of ours album the 2012 around the monitor up Are us There (released may 26th via Jagjaguar - and not come be too premature around it, however having heard that a few times already, we deserve to confirm it\"s undoubtably among the albums that the year!), but prior to we bring you Giuseppe Zevolli\"s complete conversation (UPDATE: ours SVE feature is currently online), here\"s what she needs to say around the forthcoming album\"s closing track which hit the web yesterday...

DiS: room We there ends v a song choose \"Every Time The sunlight Comes Up\" which seems to just accept what come next. You\"re gonna it is in asked every solitary time about those text \"I washed her dishes then ns shit in your bathroom\". The song definitely shows an additional side the you.

SVE: i am therefore surprised people like that tune so much! the was choose a joke song. It to be at the finish of the day in the studio, we were all having actually a the majority of fun, we had actually done 2 songs already and it was the selection of the night: complete up at an early stage or save going. The was originally a demo that I composed on the Omnichord the Heather offered me.

I only had actually the chorus in ~ the time and I referred to as it mine \"Bruce Springsteen song\", because it reminded me the \"Girls In your Summer Clothes\", that type of Phil Spector side that he has sometimes. I sent it about to anyone to check out if they believed it to be worth working on and also everyone in the studio the day, my friends and my bandmates, were simply like: \"Let\"s simply do the simple tracking and you simply do a scrape vocal\". The next couple of days i was gonna go in through myself because they had other ingredient going on for this reason they claimed \"You can redo the vocal yet at the very least you\"d have whatever tracked then\". So it to be at that time the the night once we took a break, we drank a little, us smoked a little; we gained pretty loose. The lyrics concerned me on the fly. I had never done that in front of people before, therefore I finished up just going step by step through what taken place in the day. We acquired a tiny silly, we broke glasses, we did air high fives every the time, the engineer\"s surname is tricks so i was choose \"Do her tricks, Tricks, do me sound good!\" and so on. Climate you had to perform your dishes in the bathroom: I assumed it to be funny that you could do somebody a favour by law the dishes, however then, you know, you likewise were going come actually usage the bathroom. Every these things I didn\"t think we\"d keep, yet when us went through them they said \"No, don\"t modify them, simply keep them! It\"s fun! the shows like a funny side of you, you\"re not simply this dark girl, you actually have actually a feeling of humor, people should check out that and also it\"s a nicer method to end the document with that fairly than v a really heavy ballad, it provides everybody a break after they\"ve gone with you through that journey\". Back it\"s still type of a dark song, it\"s still among the funny ones.

DiS: girlfriend said prior to that the minute you begin writing yes, really happy and also funny songs we have to start worrying around you.

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SVE: due to the fact that my mom always asks \"when room you walk to compose a happy song?\" and for me composing all these sad songs is being able to compartmentalise and exorcise the demons. If I\"m going v a bad time I can write about it, it\"s released and also then ns feel better. It\"s mine therapy. If ns am creating all this happy song it would probably typical I\"m not having that catharsis. Many struggles aren\"t funny, many struggles aren\"t happy. So it\"s an ext of a joke to mine mom. Once she asks why ns don\"t create happy songs i say \"I don\"t know, i am nice happy. It would certainly be the opposite: If i wasn\"t happy I would certainly be composing all those happy songs\". Ns don\"t know. That\"s mine logic!

Here\"s the track in question:

Sharon van Etten playlist

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