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Felix indigenous Austin, Tx"Kelly Clarkson"s hit single "Since U been Gone" features a precise replica the this song"s guitar break. Karen O was no impressed."I think Ted Leo thinks similarly, as he has a good cover of "Since U been Gone" that, after ~ the common guitar break, walk right right into "Maps." :)Miranda from Columbus, OhI recently experianced heartbreak....or, just a love leave you. I would listen to this for hours on end. Ns love this song. Karen O never falls short to impress.Tomas from Hialeah, FlThis song renders me feeling so special. Friend feel choose she"s singing to you and also telling girlfriend she loves you.Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnJust a slow-burning, an easy love song. Karen O is as well cool for words.Dj from Hope, NjThis is one of my every time favorites. Over there is additionally an acoustic version on the "Sessions" section of AOL music that go out me far the very first time i heard it. The acoustic version is one of those very rare songs that have the right to accurately be defined as gift haunting.Mle native Plano, UtThats the thing about artists......they yes, really speak over there mind in one original and also unique ...way....Kim, i think had an idea around Maps gift an acroynm...but artist are very hard to understandKim from Calgary, AbI heard the "maps" is an acronym because that "My Angus you re welcome stay". It provides sense through the lyrics.Harley native Singapore, SingaporeI derive the "Maps" is for Karen"s ex-BF. He requirements to have actually Maps to recognize that the route he take it (as what Katie mentioned) is wrong, the lyrics actually does do sense as soon as you relate to the reason of the breakup.Billy indigenous Calgary, CanadaHow romantic, and you have to admit that the north beat is quite catchy.Not to cite I haven"t the slightest clue what "maps" mean.Darwin native El Paso, TxWhen we partied we would blast this song and also have it play over and also over and overShannon Mulvany indigenous Spokane, WaThis is a an excellent song. It"s catchy.Ben native Bristol, EnglandThe White Stripes covered this in ~ their reading headlining slot the 2004Dave from Watertown, CtLove this song. So much passion and energy in her voice and lyrics. Reminds me that The Pretenders.see much more comments
Sexy and also I understand ItLMFAO

Simon Rex native the TV display What i Like about You and Wilmer Valderrama from the 70s present both show up in the LMFAO video clip for "Sexy and also I know It."

poor GirlsDonna Summer

Donna Summer"s "Bad Girls" is around prostitutes, yet it was still supplied in the movie Rugrats In Paris.

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FireJimi Hendrix

Thirty years after Jimi Hendrix played "Fire" at Woodstock, Red warm Chili Peppers played it in ~ Woodstock "99, however this time the unruly group actually set fires and also looted.

TammyDebbie Reynolds

"Tammy" through Debbie Reynolds to be the only US #1 single by a female act in between July 1956 and also February 1958.

noodle Eye JoeRednex

"Cotton Eye Joe" is a folk song dating to the 1800s, yet it became a hit once a sweden act dubbed Rednex go a psychokinetic version in 1994.

TrueSpandau Ballet

"True" by Spandau Ballet is about chief songwriter Gary Kemp"s unrequited love for transformed Images singer and also Gregory"s Girl star Clare Grogan.

Is That tune Public Domain?Fact or Fiction

Are classic songs choose "Over The Rainbow" and "Take Me the end to the Ballgame" in the public domain?

Lou Gramm - "Waiting because that A Girl choose You"They"re play My song

Gramm co-wrote this gorgeous ballad and also delivered an motivated vocal, however the song was the start of the end of his time v Foreigner.

00s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

Do you recognize the girl singer ~ above Eminem"s "Stan"? If so, this quiz is because that you.

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Jim McCarty the The YardbirdsSongwriter Interviews

The Yardbirds drummer explains how they developed their sound and talks about working with their famed guitarists.

Timothy B. Schmit of the EaglesSongwriter Interviews

Did this Eagle come up with the term "Parrothead"? and also what is it favor playing "Hotel California" for the gazillionth time?

Scott Gorham of thin Lizzy and also Black Star RidersSongwriter Interviews

Writing with Phil Lynott, Scott witnessed their ill-fated frontman move to a darker ar in his life and also lyrics.