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"Chill Bill" is a song by Amerideserve to hip hop recording artist Rob Stone. The music video was put out on YouTube on June 25, 2015. The song was premiered on March 15, 2015 on YouTube on the account of nuca chitiashvili. The song attributes vocals from fellow Amerihave the right to rappers J. Davis and Spooks, and also was released as Stone"s commercial debut single on June 17, 2016 by RCA Records. The official remix functions verses from Amerideserve to rappers DRAM, Denzel Curry and also Cousin Stizz on August 25, 2016. more »

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Dun, dun, da-da-dunWater, uhYeahMwah!Rob $tone, two damn phonesBabylons can"t crack the code (no)Used to sip out styrofoam But figured I need to stick to dro (weed)Backwoods overloadDon"t choose to smoke them swishers ho (yup)If you hit my liquor keep It"s fifty cents for single PortsShelp she wanna roll via me and smoke up all my weed (what?)I shelp, "Baby, just buy Dutches "reason you can"t smoke for free (or them "Woods)I obtained some loud, but no money, bae, buy me a Fiji"She shelp, "You need a job", bitch, f*ck a project I still acquire cheeseTwo cell phones, Mr. Mothafuck-a-thotMr. I-Be-On-That-Block12-07 f*ck a oppThey hear my name, they view my squadRollin" dope up on the spotI"m through your bitch, she on my jockAin"t gained no time to love a thotGot niggas mad my flow so hotGot niggas mad my squad will not stopWe in the game, won"t take no lossI"m sippin" water out the VossGot lean all in my fuckin" SpriteTurnin" up on fuckin" sightMr. Kenny Powers "bout to Take your girlfrifinish home tonight, bitchAnd I"m smokin" on that Widow once you check out it out the windowGot a dusty old tee, lookin" bummy, leave it simpleGrowin" up I was always in the middle So I gotta host it down for my older and my littleAnd my brothers besides me, so f*ck it, we mobbin" deepAlmeans grimy, no findin" me, but I be in LGIf your "lil f*ck boy lame ass wanna creepAnd I live by the lemon "cause that fucker chose me (ayy)Said she wanna roll through me and also smoke up all my weed (what?)I said, "Baby, simply buy Dutches "cause you can"t smoke for free I got some loud, but no money, bae, buy me a Fiji"She shelp, "You require a job", bitch, f*ck a project I still obtain cheese (cheese, cheese)Yeah, I acquired 12-07 in this bitchYeah, shout-out to that nigga BurgersHe do not be flippin" them burgers thoughThat nigga AndyWe do not know wbelow the f*ck Andy"s at But that"s my nigga (squad)Yup, yup12-07, bitchWater (comin" up), water, water

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Written by: Bernard Herrmann, Antonio Carrillo, Jaylen Robinchild, Javan Davis, Antonio Carillo, Christopher Rowe