Epilogue- Cool bean dudes. You guys have the right to stop replying currently lol. She stated i dont really hate you ns love you.

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I'm pretty sure shes joking and i dont really care if she doesnt pick up that i am joking. An initial time i replied "Me too. Im beginning to dislike myself too." 2nd time i responded "But i love you" What would certainly you guys say?


Avoid anything self-deprecating.

Specially, on texts where the vibe is sort of invisible or at least partially veiled.

Your first reply, is me deprecating.

Me too. Im beginning to dislike myself too.

Your second reply, is supplicating.

But ns love you

If that was her intention come convey, friend did.

If it wasn't, walk with

You room such an asshole. . (Ballsy)

Where room your courtesy derpina ;) (Teasing)

...said a kinky girl come the love of she life. (Deflective / amused Mastery)


Go v the way you carry yourself, anything will certainly be reliable as long as it is systematic with the method you carry yourself. However don't be me deprecating / supplicating / pedestalising.

"I know" and also maybe the ;) also, choose Scumbag said, some things are hard to check out as sarcastic.

"I love it as soon as you're mad."

Why go she speak she no you? If she's joking I would probably simply write back "haha :-D" or whatever. Girl jokingly telling me "I hate you" sounds favor the payoff for part dumb, teasing hoax I've been making.

If I'm not sure if she's joking, and I don't recognize why she would hate me, I'll just say: "Why?" (Because i don't recognize why) and if she's joking, follow up with: "Haha, ns don't get it" (because ns obviously don't). Or perhaps I'll get it once she describes it, and also I'll it is in like: "Oooooh, yadda yadda" play along.

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It doesn't have to be complicated. Direct interaction is the many wonderful tool you'll ever before discover. If she genuinely hates you, she's no going come appreciate some cocky text. Since she hates you. Questioning "Why" is powerful. There's no reason to send to her bullshit. If she no you and also you don't understand what you've done, that's simply weak with no connection in between you. If she no you for a stupid reason, why would certainly you store talking to her?

And ultimately - if she's joking and also you don't obtain it, then it was a nonsensical joke to you. You don't have to find her funny if she's no funny. She'll feel bad for making you feel bad when it wasn't ~ above purpose. And you'll feel bad for making her feel poor for make you feeling bad and also then you'll laugh around that instead.