competent Ethical 2nd Generation Breeder because that over 52+years knowledgeable Ethical second Generation Breeder for over 52+years skilled Ethical 2nd Generation Breeder for over 52+years


Healthy- Vet Certified- current Shots & Worming

Inspected & license is granted -Smoke free- residence Raised

Great love Temperament- Socialized

Champion A.K.C. Parentage & Linage

Puppies Ready now or deserve to Reserve

Shih Tzu is the only Toy Dog Non -Shedding, Non- Allergic, Non - Hyper Non - Yippy

Anne"s Puppies exclude, Line

Daughter is second Generation Breeder of brand-new York Shih Tzu.

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Anne"s puppies* is in upstate, new York by Syracuse . We just raise happy, affectionate and healthy dogs. Parents room A.K.C. Registered, native champion-lines, and also we have countless generation on our premises. We have actually all colors and also sizes. A.K.C. Paper are only limited and avalible because that an extra fee. ( ask existing price)

Please consider these things when buying her Shih Tzu Puppy… you gain what you salary for.... A cheap puppy means something is missing that the best quality Shih Tzu has. The highest possible standards it was observed by specialists may be doing not have which can result in wellness problems. Correcting these problems could expense you much more then to buy a high quality Shih Tzu.


I am a Shih Tzu specialist and I learned it every from the best. My mom, Anne, has taught me the value of life. The life through out a Shih Tzu in it would certainly be unbearable for me. I have actually been approximately these exquisite Shih Tzu due to the fact that the age of 4. Ns am really thankful because that all the moment I have had actually to build our partnership with this wonderful breed. ANNE"S PUPPIES started elevating these puppies and also we will proceed to carry you top quality A.K.C., Healthy, Toy, Shih Tzus native Champion Lines. We want you to have actually a pet the enriches girlfriend life. I feel really blessed to have the ability to say, "We have a the good reputation and 52 year of endure behind us; the it all started from mine mom, Anne"s Puppies. Anne devoted her totality life to she love for the Lord and also this wonderful Shih Tzu Line.

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Our heat is exclusive. All our Shih Tzu are new York are increased with our family and also participate day-to-day in the things we do. Shih Tzu are our Family...Thier Love will never ever Fade.