It has actually arrived. The hour of the minty monkey is ~ above us. Tonight, April 12th from 6 afternoon – 7 PM local time, is Mankey Spotlight Hour inPokémon GO. That way that Mankey spawns will flood the game, popping up even at spawn points the aren"t generally energetic outside that Spotlight Hour. Below are the details for this week"s spotlight hour and tips on how to take benefit of the bonus.

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Official Mankey artwork. Credit: Pokémon company International

First up, yes, Mankey will be available in its shiny form. Its Shiny type features irradiate green hair instead of the off-white/tan color, i beg your pardon is fairly nice as far as green shinies go. Whenever a Spotlight Hour species is Shiny, there"s a bit of extra attention in hunting. Us recommend the following hunting advice forPokémon GO Spotlight Hour:

Play in areas with thick spawns, such together downtown locations with Pokéstops aplenty or parking lots. Just be certain not to play if driving.

Unfortunately, this week"s bonus is no one that can quickly be take advantage of if catching. The bonus is dual evolution XP, which is ideal taken advantage of by throw on lucky Eggs and also going on one hour-long mass evolution spree. Personally, I"m walk to alternating between shiny hunting and also taking benefit of this bonus.

The remainder of April 2021"s Spotlight Hours and bonuses in Pokémon GO are:

Tuesday, April 20, 2021: Grimer will certainly be in the spotlight, and you"ll earn twice the Stardust for catching Pokémon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021: Finneon will be in the spotlight, and you"ll earn double the XP for recording Pokémon.

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