I work-related as a nurse by day and wanting to choose up a part-time gig, Shipt seems perfect due to the fact that as a nurse I occupational weird hours and also have very unforgiving schedule. Anyway, this is exactly how it every went for the interview.

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I go the early demographics questions.. Acquired prompted for the brief answer then acquired prompted for the video. Shortly after that i was motivated for the I-9 Tax type and Background inspect information. This was all on critical Friday. I assume they don't job-related weekends in the rental department.

Should ns be ready to be rental Monday? It seems wasteful to complete all that and also not hire someone!



I'm guesing you are from Michigan?

I've excellent Shipt in the Detroit market when i go earlier home and NYC and my ideal advise would certainly be to arrangement ahead. Many shops space at Meijer and if you have ever been within of Meijer, which I'm sure you have, you know its BIIIIIG. In NYC i can quickly do a 25-30 items order in much less than 20 minutes (depending on the work of the main snd time) since the stores space a lot smaller sized than Michigan grocery store stores.

Hey there!

So it depends on her metro as to how quick they hire you. But you will should wait ~ above your equipment (you don’t need to technically wait, however I would certainly advise it) to arrive before you do your very first shop! until then i would review up around shopping techniques and the Shipt world.

As quickly as her approved go ahead and join the Shipt Lounge in facebook (you have to be a Shipter come join). It’s an extremely active and also has lots of an excellent info, specifically for newbies! over there will also be a different Facebook group for her metro, i m sorry I likewise suggest friend join.

Please feel complimentary to ask far though! The Shipt community as a whole is very accepting and patient. Ns really gain that aspect!

Thanks because that the reply!

Do you think the odds the me getting hired are great considering i completed all of that already? Or carry out most civilization complete all of that and just wait in the wings.

But you will should wait top top your gear (you don’t have to technically wait, yet I would advise it) come arrive before you execute your very first shop!

You cannot carry out your an initial shop without a Shipt card being activated on her account. While the is true that you can inspect out through your an individual card if you forget yours at home, Shipt will not permit a shopper to complete or process a shop without having actually an energetic card.

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You will still need to wait to gain your credit transaction card and t-shirt prior to you can schedule hours and see any kind of orders


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