Today is brand-new Year's Eve and 2016 is ~ above is. 2015 method be all yet a wrap, but speaking the raps, no year is complete without rapper Skillz providing a an overview of the year's biggest events in lyrical form. The Virginia lyricist obliged us through what we'd all been waiting for with his "2015 rap Up."

Kicking turn off the track rapping "Boom-bay-yay, people, loan me her ear / It's time come say goodbye come the vault year / The highs and also the lows, let's obtain it in equipment / The 2014 Rap up you recognize why I'm here," deliberately mixing increase the year together a jab come Steve Harvey's now infamous fail in ~ this year's miss out on Universe pageant.

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Opting to execute his bidding end a reasonably obscure beat fairly than a well-known instrumental, Skillz digs deep right into his bag the tricks and also makes sure to highlight the much more buzzworthy news events of the year with ease. Rap's greatest newcomer the 2015 and a couple of of the community's an ext popular shows record nods when Skillz spits "'Trap Queens' struggle the scene, Fetty Wap ~ above fire / and also if you wasn't watching Power, the was more than likely Empire / Cookie and Lucious was doing the most / If I ever had actual beef, I'd contact Tommy and also Ghost," during his annual rundown.

Skillz is also an extremely much in song with the news cycle exterior of rap together he deal with social injustice the was popular this year.

"And the cops still death us, girlfriend can't deny it / What lock did come Freddie Gray led to an all out riot / It's us against them if you look at every the components / From black color Lives matter to every Lives issue / Agree come disagree, however I'll tell friend this lot / Yeah, black Live Matter, yet they only issue to us," he raps.

Congratulations to Dr. Dre's long-awaited return are included ("Dre finally dropped an album, that move was trill / finest flick, Straight Outta Compton, that movie to be ill"), and the rap game's greatest feud the the year in between Drake and also Meek Mill. Lines like, "And i remember once them two dudes to be friends / Drake got him wit' the bars however the mim did the in / friend can't success on the internet and that's the truth / ~ that, the whole human being was to sing "Back come Back" show who Skillz felt to be the victor while also noting the power of the internet and public opinion.

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From ISIS and Adele to Pattie LaBelle and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's newborn, Skillz does a stellar task covering all of the news subject of 2015.

Skillz shows why we wait in ~ the end of the year because that his humorous commentary v the "Rap Up." This year's edition is one more hit for the record books.