I had a problem beginning Skyrim, the game would crash to desktop computer immediately ~ the Bethesda Logo. Here's the fix I found. LinkAdjust Sound setups to 24 bit / 48k Hz.

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YESS. Say thanks to YOU because that THIS.It worked for me before, however never ~ messing approximately in my speaker settings, and also I walk not connect the dots. Give thanks to YOU!


Is there anyway to do these setups in home windows XP? from my knowledge XP doesn't have the choice to adjust sound come 24 or 16 bit anywhere.
As Seelord mentioned, over there any method to carry out the same on XP? for the moment all I have is XP, and there's no option everywhere that's at all comparable to the Vista/7 audio option. I'll try simply reducing/increasing hardware acceleration, however I doubt it'll work.EDIT: together I had actually assumed, it didn't carry out anything. So again, i plead, is there any way to carry out this from XP?It might be somewhere in the driver settings.

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I'm through the other XP males same concern no method to readjust sound at least not to mine knowledge. So what perform we do?
For windows XP users:One user in bethsoft neurosoup.org received this message from Bethesda support:

"Please right click your speaker symbol in the bottom ideal hand corner and go to adjust Audio Properties.Go to the audio tab.Under the Sound Playback please go come Advanced.Then please go to the performance tab.There is a Sample rate Conversion quality slider barPlease try anything else yet Best.If you still have concerns after that please review the below....< then then call me to perform a dxdiag and also send it come them if there room still issues>"

This didn't aid to him neither to others however maybe friend have more luck.

Nope didn't work.

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maybe is the XP version? walk you upgrade your home windows XP to organization pack 3?II have SP3 and also it tho doesn't work... Updated graphic and updated directx vehicle drivers don't seem to assist either. If a program can readjust the audio playback price to 16bit then us may have the ability to fix the problem. Yet I don't think together a point exists.