Sling TV is a trusted streaming organization to clock all her favorite live TV networks when you made decision to cut the cord. It offers a similar viewing experience to timeless cable and also satellite services. The US-based digital TV organization provides access to networks from networks choose ESPN, AMC, BBC, FOX, CNN, HGTV, and also many more. Released in 2015, the organization is widely easily accessible on tools like Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, and also Chromecast. Sling TV has built-in cast support to present the live TV channels on the Chromecast linked TVs. Wondering just how to clock Sling TV ~ above Chromecast? below is the overview to present it the step-by-step procedure.

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Things come Do before Casting

Connect Chromecast come the HDMI harbor of her TV.Download the Sling TV application on her Android or iOS machine and sign in to her valid Sling TV account.Ensure the your casting an equipment (Android or iOS) and Chromecast is associated to the same Wi-Fi network.If you’re utilizing Windows or Mac, you just need to install the Chrome browser.Select the ideal input source on your TV.

Chromecast Sling TV using Android or iOS

Step 1: v your casting maker and Chromecast linked to the exact same network, start the Sling TV app.
Cast icon
Step 3: select your Chromecast an equipment to watch the components on the larger screens.Step 4: To prevent streaming, click the Cast symbol again and select Stop Casting.

Chromecast Sling TV using browser on home windows or Mac PC

Step 1: launch Google Chrome browser on your pc or Mac.Step 2: Visit the net version of Sling TV ( Log in in to your account if not logged in.Step 3: Click the three-dot menu symbol on the optimal right that the browser and select the Cast menu.
Settings -> Cast
Step 4: Select and stream a movie or TV show that girlfriend want.Step 5: The web browser will find for the nearby wireless devices linked to the same network. If no gadgets are found, check whether both the tools are associated to the same WiFi network.

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Step 6: select your Chromecast and the media will play top top the TV automatically.Related: Sling TV ~ above Firestick/Fire TV: how to Install and Use

Sling TV Chromecast issues

Facing worries which spreading Sling TV, shot these basic fixesEnsure the your Android/iOS and also Chromecast are on the same Wi-Fi network.Sling TV app is only accessible for us people.Check the frequency of your router. Some of the Chromecast can not detect the 5 GHz network.Update your Chromecast come the recent version.Reset her Chromecast.Still finding obstacles to cast Sling TV on Chromecast, mention your concerns in the comment section.

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