Cord cutters who have been considering switching to food Network’s streaming company Sling TV might be having second thoughts as of this morning. The company, which uses a $20 per month bundle that TV networks you deserve to watch end the net in enhancement to various add-on packages, was previously this month forced come apologize after an outage interrupted some viewers’ capacity to clock the final Four games of the men’s college basketball tournament.

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Now the firm has stumbled again, the seems. Throughout last night’s premier that HBO’s “Game the Thrones,” many Sling TV subscribers were unable to fill the application on their Roku devices.

The agency acknowledged the problem on its blog, noting that its groups “are proactively addressing the issue,” however offering few other details on what resulted in the app’s fail to load.

These issues are no without consequence for the brand-new streaming service. Sling TV has the enviable place of being one of the couple of places where web users can legally clock HBO contents without a cable TV or satellite subscription. Along with Apple and also Cablevision, which room both giving customers with accessibility to HBO NOW, the network’s over-the-top service for cord cutters, Sling TV had additionally scored a deal where its own subscribers can add the channel on top of its main point package for secondary $15/month – the exact same price as HBO NOW.


With Sling TV’s HBO package, customers can watch linear streams add to a video-on-demand choice that’s a lot favor what cable TV suppliers offer today. But uneven cable TV, Sling TV’s promise – past the capacity to i ordered it to programming packages a la carte at reduced rates – is the those networks can be perceived over the web on a variety of devices, consisting of the Roku, Xbox One, Fire TV, PC and also Mac desktop, and also iOS and Android.

But if Sling TV has actually the benefit of being one of the at an early stage entrants in the streaming space with accessibility to channels and content the have few – if any kind of – other streaming options easily accessible (like the ESPN channels, for example), its relief prove the the integrity of internet-only TV services favor this room still in question.

With classic cable TV, outages and errors are rare, however with the over-the-top services, castle seem come be more common. Also HBO GO, the network’s app for cable TV suppliers that lets them currently the content to smaller sized screens, was influenced last night during the “Game the Thrones” premiere. The company’s Twitter feed to be fielding a variety of complaints from customers who weren’t able to clock HBO GO, most regularly via your Xbox One consoles.

HBO NOW, however, didn’t crash under last night’s influx of new viewers, which is a notable an initial step because that the brand-new service.

In Sling TV’s defense, that did perform better than throughout the final Four games, likely thanks to the previously improvements it made come the means it regulated load and also handled brand-new customer sign-ups, amongst other things. However even if the concerns were limited to one application – the Roku app, in this case – it’s this type of flakiness that could reason customers come think twice about whether or no they’re all set to reduced the cord at all.

And those hesitations have the right to have a larger affect on the industry as a whole, together a number of companies space betting on this movement of customers far from big cable TV to brand-new forms of Internet-only entertainment, even if it is that’s contents from YouTube creators as aggregated by the startup Vessel, because that instance, or also HBO itself together a independent service.

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The network finally risked providing an over-the-top variation of its service to the 10 million broadband-only U.S. Homes, despite the truth that the bulk of its earnings still come from salary TV subscribers, yet it could struggle to flourish that cord cutting audience if castle think the the streaming choices are hit-or-miss once it pertains to reliability and stability.