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There are little cars, and also then tbelow are small cars.

When sorting via the tiniest rides on the market, 2 models stand out: the Fiat 500, bereason it someexactly how maneras to be sexy, and also Smart Fortwo bereason it somehow manperiods to be so darn small. With features choose that, we couldn"t resist instigating a comparison.

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The Petite Italian

It"s straightforward to appreciate the visual cinjury of the Fiat 500, even if micro-cars aren"t your cup of tea. The contours of its silhouette are very Italian, providing the little Fiat a level of panache not discovered elsewhere in this class. Available paint alternatives encompass cheeky hues a conventional car might never wear without inciting laughter.

Available as a hatchearlier or convertible, the 500 carries a 101-horsepower 1.4-liter four-cylinder and five-speed hand-operated transmission. Performance is lively enough through the standard powertrain, yet opting for the six-speed automatic slows things dvery own substantially. The 500 is one of those cars that appears designed for a stick transition anyway. Gas mileage reaches 40 mpg on the highmeans, about as excellent as you can acquire in a non-hybrid.

Adults ride comfortably in the front and challenge a body-shade dashboard that"s basic yet attractive. The back seat is a cozy area for pre-teen youngsters, and is ideal avoided by adults.

The Pocket-Size Smart

At much less than nine feet lengthy, the Smart For2 is a rolling conversation-starter. It"s shockingly brief, through no back seat and practically no front or rear overhang. What you obtain a is a passenger compartment for two (thus, the name), a small however usable cargo area, and the capability to maneuver and park in cramped city spaces. The tiny three-cylinder engine is placed in the rear, so there"s no require for a typical hood.

As intended, fuel economy is terrific, though no better than the larger Fiat"s. With only 70 horsepower on tap and a mandatory automated manual transmission that is universally reviled, the Smart requirements 14.1 seconds to hit 60 mph and also tops out at 90. These performance numbers are comparable to micro-cars of the 1970s. Even the the majority of frugal of today"s motorists will discover the Smart to be a slowpoke.

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Shrinking It Dvery own

With real personality and also spunk, the Fiat 500 is a car developed for genuine human being. The Smart just seems fit for paranoid parkers and former SUV owners racked via guilt.