Expecting come stream your movies top top a weekend may not always happen together you desire it to be. Sometimes, there might occur problems that will block girlfriend from watching her favorite shows on your smart TV. Among the most typical issues you might get with your Vizio TV is it becomes stuck while loading with this error message: “Smartcast is starting up. Please wait.” and also it bring away forever to load.

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Why is mine Vizio TV stuck on SmartCast is beginning Up?


When loading her Vizio TV, friend will see the message Smartcast is starting up. But, as soon as it is stuck over there for several minutes, it may be a trouble with her TV or your internet connection.

One factor is as soon as your Vizio Smartcast TV has actually memory issues. Or, her Internet link may it is in weak or unstable. To assist you deal with the issue, review the methods below on how to solve it.

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How to resolve or Unfreeze Vizio TV stuck on Smartcast is starting Up

Method #1 – inspect Your internet Connection


It might be a problem with your network connection. Examine with another maker if friend can attach with the Internet. You may also try using one more network to connect your TV and also see if it is functioning or not. Try to enhance your Internet connection by elevating your router or connecting directly to her modem.

Method #2 – power Cycle her Device


Another way to fix the error is to refresh your TV and network connection.

Turn off your TV and also unplug it.Do the same with her router and also modem.Wait for at the very least 1 minute before plugging your devices ago in.Turn on your Vizio Smartcast TV and also check if the error is quiet there.DON’T MISS: Time-Limited deals on VIZIO SmartCast TV in ~ Amazon appropriate Now!

Method #3 – carry out a Soft strength Cycle on your TV

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If strength cycling your network connection does not work, shot to soft power cycle her TV.

On your remote, madness the food selection button.Navigate come System.Go to Reset & Admin.Select Soft strength Cycle.Select Yes to confirm.Now, wait for her Smartcast TV come reboot.

Method #4 – factory Reset your TV

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If none of the methods over work, shot resetting her TV to default settings. Take note that to carry out a manufacturing facility reset, her TV’s settings will go ago to its original state.

On your remote, insanity the menu button.Go come System.Now, walk to Reset & Admin.Select Reset TV to manufacturing facility Settings.

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