And it’s not just another giant, scary python — though there space plenty that those, too, on the appropriately named ”Snake Island“

Tony Maglio | October 13, 2016
Discovery’s 2nd season that “Treasure Quest: line Island” is collection to premiere on Friday, November 4, in ~ 10 p.m. ET, has learned exclusively — however that’s no all we’ve got. Check the end our exclude, sneak peek above, in i m sorry the men actually uncover a piece of treasure.

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After a death-defying exploration on Brazil’s deadly snake Island, number of real-life endowment hunters continue their pursuit for the endowment of the Trinity, a legend hoard that Inca gold worth virtually $400 million. In ~ the end of critical season, team leader Jeremy Whalen and also Cork Graham solved a critical clue on line Island that indicated the endowment was hidden in the depth of the treacherous Paraguayan jungle.

This time around, confident that they’ve honed in on the exact location, the explorers walk all the end in quest of the can be fried fortune.

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Below is the group of sweetheart hunters, through descriptions every in Discovery’s very own words.

Whalen: Jeremy’s substantial experience, deep knowledge of southern American history and herbal audacity have actually propelled him to the leadership role for this grueling expedition. Jeremy is a veteran sweetheart hunter however tracking under the legend Treasure of the Trinity has become the most difficult mission the his life.

Graham: Cork has specialized his life to in search of lost treasure. In ~ the period of 18, that participated in a hidden search for Captain Kidd’s treasure off the shore of Vietnam however was captured and also accused of gift a spy. He is now concentrated on the sweetheart of the Trinity and also determined that it will certainly not to escape his grasp.

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Mehgan Heaney-Grier, expedition Dive Master: Mehgan is an completed athlete, stunt diver, marine conservationist, and also certified Divemaster. She has actually spent her life time perfecting the art of functioning well under pressure and also has the experience, confidence and also know how to tackle any challenge that comes she way. For her, the monetary value that the sweetheart of the Trinity pales in comparison to its historical and also archeological significance.

Keith “Cappy” Plaskett, watercraft Captain: Cappy has had actually a long, illustrious career in the armed forces, having served in numerous wars, consisting of Vietnam and also Iraq. Besides his military background, Cappy likewise has a an excellent deal of suffer with underwater excavations and also archeology. The is his ability to handle extremely treacherous conditions and also his enthusiasm for locating and also preserving shed antiques that persuaded him to sign up for this attention treasure hunt.

Brett Tutor, survival Expert: The newest member of the team, Brett Tutor has led adventure goals all about the globe, from african deserts to Amazonian jungles. Though Brett had no treasure-hunting experience before this mission, he has officially captured the gold bug. Tracking under the endowment of the Trinity is just one of the most adrenalized and also dangerous explorations he has ever been on.

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Emilio White, Naturalist: Emilio is an Argentinian naturalist and also environmental educator. The believes the hunt because that the endowment of the Trinity to be a transformative experience, sending him areas he never knew existed and teaching him much more about his country’s background than ever before before.

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“Treasure Quest: line Island” is produced for discovery Channel by MAK Pictures. Executive producers over there are mark Kadin, will certainly Ehbrecht and Anuj Majumdar. For discovery Channel, the executive producer is Joseph Boyle; associate producer is Greg Wolf.