I’m a bit confused since I don’t know the entire story and only play Phantom Pain+Ground Zeroes. I assumed Venom and large Boss to be the an excellent guys? and also if no then why did Solid need to kill them? and at what suggest did they rotate evil


Because both Kiefersnake and Biggie kinda turned end the years and Outer heaven was a danger to the rest of the world. Kiefersnake was basically gonna wage battle on the totality world, and Biggie had come to be kind that a monster; someone who fans the flames that war and also makes the something of a self perpetuating machine where friend make war orphans, offer them a gun and also make them soldiers to create much more war orphans, etc.

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Pretty much this. BB (along with the remainder of the Philosophers) had a distorted idea that the Boss's vision that a soldier's paradise and also after feeling betrayed by pretty much everyone he'd placed belief in (except for his few closest allies that he in reality screwed over) he came to be detached and cold af. Was basically gonna rotate the world into Valhalla. Venom was cool v that and also was spring to it is in the greatest baddest fighters on the earth so lock could, well, hit everyone.

These things are not an excellent for people peace

Good guys, poor guys. Over there is no one in this series. Just people. You choose who is good and poor in your very own time.

Solid snake did that under us Goverment orders, and also out that principle.

In external Heaven that was sent out in to investigate the base and also rescue Gray Fox, at some point succeeds his mission and also takes under Venom as he was both a hazard to the US and out of principle becuase his former commander had betrayed him.

In Zanzibar is the exact same deal, sent in by the us goverment and also because certainly both gift and large Boss wanted to wage countless wars through nuclear warfare.

There's no great or poor guys in the metal equipment saga, just shades that grey, in ~ a certain point both Bosses shed sight of what they really wanted and also ended up tearing the human being apart together a an outcome with big Boss also lamenting the in later games.

Add to this the Patriots and also you deserve to imagine there's a little bit of untruth to why snake was notified in that we just don't know about (patriot AI, after Zero is put into coma/immobilized, tho repeating their search for complete control, do the efforts to gain rid of large Boss). Ns assume a the majority of the earlier missions(zanzibarland and Africa) were likewise subtle motions of the Patriots and also not simply the united state wanting to obtain after large Boss.

Im certain BB was thought about a threat, yet I additionally think there's less "he was a monster wanting only war" than we were given in the overly simplified MG games. You view a lot more of the human struggling to uncover his place and a ar for soldiers in V, not just a madman. I understand it's just semantics however that subtlety/grey area is vital theme of the series.

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Venom and BB wanted to fairy war against the people so that every country can unify to prevent BB and also Venom

There are numerous videos ~ above YouTube, i beg your pardon containing all sequences from every part. For this reason you might watch them all to gain at least the story.

This has me thinking... What were biggie and also kiefers goals? to be they different ago then or to be they the same as lock tell snake in steel gear?