Shards the a Star is a side pursuit in Assassin’s Creed origins The hidden Ones DLC. Shards the a Star is unlocked throughout one the the main story objectives on The hidden Ones as soon as Gamilat find the scroll of Thoth. Gamilat gives the Scorll that Thoth to Bayek who need to unlock it’s mystery.

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Once Gamilat gives you the role of Thoth you will have the Shards of a Star quest accessible and you will be given the role of Thoth quest item in your inventory.

Open your inventory and also read the message on the scroll of Thoth.

Nut, the goddess of the night, spat and also aBall of fire crashed into the Earth.Sky-metal, stronger than strong,Fashioned into two bright daggers,By Ptah, god that the forces

Ptah asked ra, “Where shall ns hide them?”“Light will present you the way,” claimed Ra.And Ra provided him a container for light,The decision of Thoth.

He take it the decision to Thoth’s Temple and also encased it in ~ the roots the the Tree of Life Born in ~ his Temple the none unworthy shall discover it.

From reading the text we recognize that we need to go the temple of Thoth and also find the tree of life.

Once you room at the temple of Thoth, use Senu to situate the Tree that Life. That is tough to miss as that is a enormous tree and it’s pretty lot right in the facility of the Temple.

Head come the Tree of Life and also at the bottom of the tree you have to see a shrine looking point with two shot pillars on one of two people side. In front of this shrine friend should be able to see what looks like a stone tablet extended by several of the tree trunk/roots.

Once you use the crystal of Thoth you will see two light beams shining down from the tower to either side of the Tree the Life. Jump ago down come the tree and also you will notice the 2 light beams are being reflect by two mirrors, one ~ above the left that the tree and also one ~ above the right.


This next component of the pursuit requires girlfriend to fix the irradiate of the decision puzzle. This component is very like some puzzles girlfriend would check out in the Uncharted games. The idea is to move each of the mirrors so the two light beams room pointing towards the doorway in the Tree of Life (the one wherein you choose up the crystal of Thoth).

In prior of each of the winter you will notification three statues, 2 of the statues on every side will be extended in cobwebs, you must climb to the height of this statues and use her torch to burn far the cobwebs therefore the light have the right to reflect.

Once you have the cobwebs gotten rid of from the height of the statues we can correctly position the mirrors so the irradiate beam shines on come the doorway.

Position the winter so that the beam of irradiate is reflecting off of the right many statue and also shining under on come the doorway in the Tree of Life.

Now we’ll perform the best hand side mirror.

Adjust the winter on the right hand side so the the beam of irradiate is showing off of the left most statue and shining down on come the doorway in the Tree of Life.

You have to position the irradiate beams reasonably precisely because that it come work. You’ll know when you’ve got it correct as a short cut scene will play showing the mystery doorway opening. Operation round come the doorway and it will now be open.

The last point left to execute is to get in the an enig doorway and also head down the stairs. You will view a pair of double swords sitting at the base of a statue. Choose up the twin sword and also the quest will be complete.

For completing the Shards of a Star quest and solving the secret of the scroll of Thoth you will certainly recieve 8000xp and also the fairly awesome loking legendary dual sword called chisels of Thoth

I hope you discover this guide useful, you have the right to watch the video of the Shards of a Star search here.

If friend have any papyrus puzzles to solve in Assassin;s Creed Origins, feel complimentary to examine out my papyrus puzzle guides and also solutions.

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