We should have actually seen the coming: in an attempt to capitalize ~ above the good Mommy porn Craze of 2012, EMI is publication Fifty Shades of Grey: The classic Album, “featuring classic music personally selected by author E. L. James and referenced in the best-selling Fifty Shades trilogy.” Who space the hot, sexy artists included on the soundtrack? Well, there’s Bodacious Bach, Debussy (more like DePUSSY, amiright?), Pachelbel and His In-My-Pants Canon, and also many more. It’s available beginning august 21, yet you shouldn’t buy it. You re welcome don’t buy it, in fact. E.L. James has enough money.

But if you’re looking for a playlist of song to soundtrack her BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism)-related activities, below are 10 to begin with that should have actually been on the, ugh, Fifty Shades that Grey soundtrack. I’d rather be spanked with a poop-covered whip through Mickey Rourke than have to say that again.

I likewise saved the playlist top top Spotify, which you can discover here.

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Add much more song proposal in the comments below (and before anyone SCREAMS around it, i didn’t any include Nine inch Nails because most the Trent’s track subvert the dominance trope. Yet “Head prefer a Hole” is fantastic.)

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Song: “Handcuff your Hoes” through the LunizApplicable Lyric: “But when I’m through, you never knew ns touched her/Got she screamin’ loud together hell choose Chris Tucker/Handcuff her hoes.”

Song: “Pretty bound Up” by firearms N’ RosesApplicable Lyric: “Friday night is goin’ up inside her again/Well cracked the whip ’cause the bitch is just insane.”

Song: “Venus in Furs” through the Velvet UndergroundApplicable Lyric: “Kiss the boots of shiny, shiny leather, shiny leather in the dark/Tongue that thongs, the belt that does await you/Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart.”

Song: “Torture Me” through MetricApplicable Lyric: “If i seem too serene/Torture me.”

Song: “House that Pain” by valve HalenApplicable Lyric: “Say you’re gonna leaving me ’cause I just tie you up/I always loved you tender, however you just like it rough.”

Song: “Spank my Booty” by Lords that AcidApplicable Lyric: “I’m a small older, addicted come the whip/When I’m chained come the wall, i feel mighty hip.”

Song: “Master and also Servant” by Depeche ModeApplicable Lyric: “Domination’s the surname of the game/In bed or in life, they’re both simply the same/Except in one you’re fulfilled/At the finish of the day”

Song: “Leather” by Tori AmosApplicable Lyric: “Oh God, why to be I here if love isn’t forever/And it’s not the weather/Hand me my leather.”

Song: “Sex Dwarf” by Soft CellApplicable Lyric: “I would favor you top top a long black leash/I would parade you down the high street/You’ve obtained the attraction, you’ve gained the pulling power/Walk my small doggy, to walk my little sex dwarf.”

Song: “S&M Airlines” through NOFX (of course)Applicable Lyric: “Her ass was inches from me once she said me come lick/Before I could do noþeles she slapped my d*ck/So I complied with her commands, my aim was to please/I spent the rest of the trip on mine knees.”