South Park: The fractured But Whole functions a number of costumes come collect. These costumes administer special benefits and can prove useful to you during combat. ThisSouth Park: The broken But whole costume list will assist you track down every costume in the game. Let’s obtain started!

How Costumes room Divided

Costumes in South Park: The broken But Whole are consisted of of piece in different categories. This categories are comparable to those uncovered in The rod of Truth:


Ubisoft club Costumes

When girlfriend purchaseSouth Park: The fractured But Whole, girlfriend can automatically acquire 2 costumes with the Ubisoft Club. The Ubisoft Club permits you to acquire Club devices which can be invested on miscellaneous items. The 2 costumes you can purchase forSouth Park: The fractured But Whole are:

Iron Inventor Costume (Iron guy looking costume) –20 club UnitsAssassin fill (Assassin Costume, hidden Blade Artifact, and also upgrade recipes) –40 society Units

Twitch prime Costume


If you are use Twitch Prime, there space some items you deserve to collect for South Park: The broken But Whole. One of these items is a costume:

Super Streamer Starter fill (Purple Costume)

Season pass DLC Items

If girlfriend purchased the season pass, you will have access to a few costumes that reference ago to southern Park: The rod of Truth. This costumes deserve to be uncovered in the toy chest in your bedroom.

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Grand wizard King’s RobesKing RobesPrincess Kenny’s Gown

Class Archetype Costumes


Boulder Suit – pick Brutalist course during the archetype select. Can likewise be purchased in ~ the Coon and also Friends vendor.

Heatwave Suit – select Blaster course during personality archetype select. Can likewise be purchased in ~ the Coon and Friends vendor.

Mach 5 Suit – choose the Speedster class during the character archetype select.Can also be purchased at the Coon and also Friends vendor.



Boombox Suit – Recipe purchase from D Mobile


Bug Suit – inside a chest in Clyde’s Garage

Archanix Suit – within the breakable freezer in Craig’s garage

Heavenly Suit – defeat the monk Bosses in ~ the church

Need assist accessing the DLC items? check out this post.

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More of South Park: The fractured But whole costumes have the right to be discovered on the following page.
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