That is, the Mining Hauler and also Military Transporter - for whatever reason, they never show up. Even with no mods, also through a x100 spawn rate mod, even modifying the base game files to make them the only spawnable ship; I cannot make them appear, period.

I must additionally point out that mods adding brand-new cargo ships likewise fail to work; it seems favor the generate list is locked to only: The 3 vanilla commercial ships, the Mining Carriage, the Mining Transport, the Military Escort, the Military Minelayer, and also the RUST Freighter.

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I have the very same bug

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OK, currently you appear to have damaged cargo ship spawning totally - nopoint is spawning. The log consists of no errors regarding their spawn; the game simply does not even try.

Yeah, no Military Transporter or Mining Hauler.. despite my low game hour count, I have plenty of suffer encountering them from the past; I really miss out on them, they were genuine threats to me ago then, now I can not really check out them anymore.

Can confirm without mods, via some mods (not regarded spawns or brand-new blocks/mechanincs), additionally have the right to confirm that it exists at least from the upday 189, as soon as I bought the game.

Also, prove me wrong yet they may be locked behind some development system or type of, prefer you must ruin a bunch of less complicated cargo ships or something like that, but I doubt it. It"s simply a conception.

Also#2, I review about various other encounter ships that spawn drones and also follow you roughly, it had actually the name something choose "Avenius" or somepoint, it"s on the room designers wiki (not the fandom one), I"ve never before seen it myself anywhere, just the a lot of prevalent repetitive ones (prometheus, sector f, habitat pods, salvage station, piprice raider, that ghoul ship and also some various other small trap-choose large ships)

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Joseph Thompchild ● 2 years earlier

All those execute not appear anymore given that survival update. They took those out and damaged the game by replacing those through crap