New player here. Have actually watched a number of videos around the game, so have some idea just how to play, but my first actual in-game time was v the brand-new Learning to survive scenario in playtest.

Overall, I uncovered it somewhat frustrating. I"m having a bit of trouble figuring the end what to do since I can uncover the regulate panels, however don"t have any clue how to achieve the objective. And is informing me to perform things that don"t make sense. For example, i think it"s talking about a cockpit and I"m nowhere near a ship.

To obtain started, ns would much prefer a bit an ext of a directed-task method -- at least to present some of the basics to acquire started, and also how the overall scenario need to be played. Having to find for and also figure the end goals, as the initial part of a indict in one unfamiliar game/environment is rather confusing (at least to me). Granted, this can break the immersion initially, but after gaining past part "how to" basics, immersion would certainly be lots more fun, i think.

My suggestions:

I would certainly ditch because it"s not keeping sync through me; it"s more confusing 보다 helpful. It"s choose it"s a state machine that isn"t doing any backtracking and also is utilizing a place context once I acquire to a ar in the scenario yet not rewinding as soon as I move somewhere else.I would location some LCD"s v instructions ~ above the starting platform with some in-depth instructions about what to do on the platform (like a big "Come over here" sign where I must go first). And when I finish a task, illuminate the following LCD.Make exploration of the first platform quite linear, acquisition me through the jobs in sequence to assist me gain a feel for the game. Leaving the non-linear "exploration" form of stuff for alternate platforms/asteroids, once I complete the stuff on the very first one. That will offer me the an easy knowledge of exactly how the video game works before I do an ext non-linear exploring.For every platform/asteroid, give a much more clear idea the what to perform there. Remember, I"m discovering the game. The names of the platforms/indicators aid somewhat, however an LCD the names the base/vehicle would certainly be nice.

Overall, I prefer the game. Yet as a tutorial because that first-timers, ns think a bit more direction, just to obtain me started, would be very helpful. When I recognize a bit more how the video game works, expedition for detect tasks/goals (in the latter parts the the scenario), would be much much more effective. This would obviously it is in boring/tedious for experienced players, however it would help newbies gain into play the "real" game more quickly.

All this is only my opinion, that course. BTW -- i think the technique to having actually public exam to collect feedback before going live v a relax is awesome. Major props because that doing that!

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I prefer this feedback

Hey men

I am in the same watercraft as far as being a brand-new player. I play other games of this genre type (empyrion / stationeers) and decided to watch if the survival mode is the last absent piece ns am looking for to start playing. Therefore i have actually no suffer with this game other than occasional posts read top top the game or youtube videos. Once i first booted increase the game i to be presented through a selection to watch part starter youtube video to get the basics, which ns did clock the very first few.

After starting the script it began with a an excellent coverage the the basics i had learned such as moving roughly with the jetpack and such. As soon as it concerned the goodbot portion i uncovered or i misunderstood the use of the questioning question portion because ns was not able to get any kind of benefit from that or could i get a response just to view if that answers straightforward questions. When the an excellent bot pointed out to click a ar to begin a task i went immediately to the solar panel ar thinking this was my beginning point. It showed to usage the welder tool and also while using it the comment to be made ns didn"t have the component needed. In ~ this point i to be even an ext confused together no more instructions were given and i couldn"t find a way to gain anything else started. After poking around for 15-20 minute i found the article stored in a crate and even though i might see it in an inventory i uncovered i had to it is in close to its original location to move it over, however due to my inexperience it took me a while to figure out i had to do that matches not discovering it was an object that didnt belong in mine inventory. As soon as completed ns was tasked v O2 generation, which i tried to follow as best as i could but after 15 minute i uncovered i necessary a break since it no clicking in mine head.

What i would choose to see as well is some direct item come follow. Nothing advance but enough to understand where in the indict things room located and perhaps also a cheat overview or a way to review comments or procedures made.If its possible even breaking under the atmosphere to smaller sized tutorial sections so i have the right to revisit ones ns may uncover confusing over again vs a total jump in, or even a way to select the action i want to start on.I never ever got far enough and also was no able to test it again so it can be in it, but a much better understanding that the survival facet if the involves managing powering, food, o2, and also such.Regardless i gain a challenge and will shot again once the survival part is released to the public, but i likewise wanted to share my 2 cents in this write-up since someone else started something similar.


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I think what the "Learning come Survive" scenario to be really lacking was logical progression. Together an experienced player I uncovered it fun to play through and find all the things. But I can go to each of the things in any kind of order. Which expected I was left fighting a pirate drone and also a station with a grinder and also a rifle. After I killed the drone ns did manage to improvise some rocket launchers ~ above a small ship. But a new player might not have actually known the was possible.

P.S. I likewise noticed I had full accessibility to the whole tech tree. If we"re to teach players how to survive. We have to teach them how to unlock new tech.