Skip right to the conclusion because that results.The setup is to make a graph of energy per items vs the amount of power performance modules to rate modules,and climate to usage optimisation to find the finest energy every item.The y axis is energy per item.The x axis is number of power modules.I’m doing this assuming every 4 module slots are supplied so at 1 X (one strength module) over there is 3 speed modules

XPower modulesSpeed modules

Graphing Power efficiency Module

Results indigenous game

Number of power modulesPower efficiency(%)Power use multiplier

I calculation the multiplier by 100/power efficiencyGraph of number of modules vs power per item (power multiplier * power per item)

The power usage increases however the number of items produced also increases at the same price so all at once there is no impact on the quantity of energy used to produce one item.Fitting this to exact same graph as power efficiency (remembering that x is number of power modules so 4-x is the quantity of rate modules)
Theirs no need to optimise to discover the finest module ratio for power use.The graph is quite clear.


Speed modules have actually no effect on power used to produce one item. The assembler uses an ext power yet works quicker.If the assembler is making use of too much power for her grid I would recommend a battery that would recharge as soon as its not in usage to cope with the peaks.The power performance modules diminish the power necessary per item.There is no optimal setup its simply a issue of using speed modules as soon as you can afford them strength wise,and making use of power effectiveness modules as soon as u need power.Feedback is appreciated.Thanks for reading.

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