Why to be this change made? was there some unfair benefit to make my very own springs?


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Also i can"t handmade mechanical components ether.

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Are us trying come phase the end crafting native the video game entirely?


Ooh, right, beds. Us haven"t excellent an apartment or hotel yet, quiet the Ostrich is next on our to-do list. More than likely that"ll set us up for a if in the springs required for a polymer bow-string seriously why this recipes therefore strange? The intern is copy-and-pasting XML again!

Removing make of both springs and also mechanical components is... Weird. Ns mean, ns really would prefer to know, what to be the factor or logic behind this? before that adjust we could split items right into groups:

a) raw - iron, lead, noodle - many of them have actually no usage in the method they exists, however they deserve to be processed into something else

b) share - pipes, springs, electrical and mechanical parts, glue, duct tape, forged stole - some might be supplied as fix material, many of castle are provided in creating a final item, used in countless recipies

c) essentials - weapon parts, armor parts, beakers - loot-only items required for a last item, provided only in couple of recipies


And currently we"re moving mechanical parts and also springs from group B to group C... Yet what"s therefore special about them? Why weren"t tube or duct tapes cure the same way? Personally i find much more plausible the the electric parts to it is in uncraftable btw xD .

Was this readjust made to limit mode crafting? Or garage door crafting? possibly we simply need tweaks to some recipies, so that they won"t it is in as simple to craft?


But the worst thing about this change, is the crafting is not as funny as it provided to be. Now it"s all about RNG and scavenging POI"s. Seize a wrench, dissasemble anything the can"t run away indigenous you, gain a new quest in the POI come reset it and also repeat.

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And/or buy all necessary parts at trader. It"s no that this change is bad, it"s just that us don"t have actually a choice anymore.