The pinnacle of the double-barrel Soviet mini-branch: ST-II. Based on a real proposal, the ST-II will be the only vehicle based on historical documents, a project lead by engineers Chasovnikov and Ganin. The ST-II tank was designed to be a powerful armoured vehicle with a rapid-fire large-calibre gun. The design continued the development of the ST-I heavy tank, and the main differences concerned improving accuracy and increasing the rate of fire.

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To achieve this, the project aimed to mount two large calibre (122mm) or medium calibre (100mm) guns and two machine guns into a single turret. The guns were serviced by two loaders, which ensured a high rate of fire as both guns could be loaded at the same time. The tank could hit a target swiftly and accurately with the second gun after the adjustment fire of the first gun. Another advantage was in case of potential malfunctions of one gun, the firing was continued with the second gun, leaving the tank fully operational. The combat characteristics of the tank were expected to surpass two similar type tanks.

In TsAMO RF’s Case 395, where the project is stored, there are a few comments, probably made by the military:

This tank is a sensible project, the authors of which managed, without introducing critical changes, to create a tank with the main feature of an increased rate of fire and all positives derived from it.” “A reasonable and finished project, the author is not only knowledgeable in tank construction, but also tank weaponry.TsAMO RF"s Case 395

Please remember, these vehicles are not Rewards or Premium, they will be regular heavy tanks.


The ST-II is armed with two 122mm guns, each with an alpha of 440 points. With its perfect stabilization, the double-barreled gun boasts a dispersion of 0.4 m and aiming time of 2.9 s. Speaking of its armour penetration, it’s 258 mm for a standard AP shell and 340 mm for a special HEAT round.

Just like other vehicles, the ST-II’s guns have their own peculiarities: it takes 11.7 s for one barrel to reload; to switch between them in cyclical mode you’ll need 3 seconds, while the time needed to prepare for a double shot is 2.5 seconds and after each double shot both barrels will be locked for 5 seconds. As you might notice, the higher the tier, the better the double-barreled system performs: a double shot is prepared faster, guns stay deactivated for less time, while shooting in cyclical mode is more convenient as it takes you less time to switch between guns.

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As for its survivability, the rules are the same: the turret is armoured better (up to 250 mm in the front) as compared to the hull (150 mm in the front and 140 mm in the sides). Yet this heavy has an ace up its sleeve, its 2,500 hit points. The view range is 390, while the dynamics are similar to same-tier Soviet heavies, with a max speed reaching 40 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 12.2 hp/t. But beware of the turret traverse speed—it’s only 16 degrees.