Earlier this week, we mutual how an ingenious regional man provided a Wizard World photo chance via Firefly and also Castle star Nathan Fillion to propose to his girlfrifinish. It"s an adorable story, but unfortunately, not everybody was as lucky in love at the comic book/pop society convention.

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A look at the Missed Connections area of Craigslist reveals that a number of human being were hit by "love at first sight" at Wizard World, organized April 4 via 6 at America"s Center. And we"re down via kismet! But because many kind of of the individual ads still are online virtually 2 weeks after the event, we have the right to just assume that the love relationships are still yet to be made.

So assist us out, readers! Check out the enchanting Missed Connections ads listed below, and also aid us discover the folks that could be somebody"s love of a lifetime.

Note: all spelling, capitalization, wording and also punctuation are specifically as they appear in the original ads.

CURIOUS ABOUT A CAT Sexy Catwoguy - m4w (Wizard Con)

Saw you a pair times throughout the con. Wasn"t really in a great instance to approach you, however I really liked your costume and I think that you are beyond gorgeous. To filter out all of the other cat females, you were wearing glasses and also had gold nails on your gloves. We got into a small staring dispute during one of the panels. If you"re interested and also remember me, email me ago. -- Contact the ad author.

During our many kind of, many hrs of walking the convention floor, we saw the Catwoguy with the gold nails! Her costume was rad, yet we weren"t able to snap a photo of her. We did, yet, gain a swarm of this other lovely Catwomale. She doesn"t have actually distinct cregulations, however we wonder if she"d provide the ad author cat-scrape fever anyway. Mreow!

Jon Gitchoff There"s a Catwomale out there who"s purrrrfect for the ad writer above.

TURNED INTO A PUMPKIN comic con after party - m4w (wizard world)

i seriously doubt this functions but we fulfill at the after party throughout comic con on Saturday and also danced for a little then kissed great night. U told me u was 31 and also I said i didn"t believe u. U left and also shelp u had to meet your friend. u were gone before I might gain any kind of info from u. if u view this email me -- Contact the ad writer.

That after-party was a pretty huge deal, via numerous cosplayers shaking their thangs to trance while rapper Tech N9ne gave out limited-edition prints with collaborator/artist Rob Prior. But we didn"t notification Cinderella dashing away from the sphere. Will her prince ever see her again?

On page 2, we look for a worldly lady, an electric Pokémon and el medical professional número diez.

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