Strong Core

for this base, develop a wall surface around your HQ and a couple of turrets. This is many players" favored layout early on in the video game when girlfriend don"t have actually enough wall to have the ability to channel opponent units or surround your totality base. The idea is the while the foe is toiling do the efforts to gain into your center, the turrets will pick them off. Part players also position their base in the corner of the map, together in theory this method they can not be assaulted on 2 sides. However, this doesn"t work in practise against experienced players, as you room able to drop troops in roughly the edge.Note: for this to work, you need to level up your walls and the turrets in ~ as soon as possible.



A good way to protect against the adversary from earning a three-star victory (which is enabled when lock destroy all of your structures), is to ar some buildings on the extremities of the map. They will be expecting the third-star to unlock as soon as they ruin your HQ, just to discover that there are much more buildings at the edge of the area! If friend put resource structures the end there it means you are unlikely to lose your whole stash. The fence to this is that the structures on the sheet are totally undefended, therefore if the enemy spots lock first, you might be in trouble together they will need simply one weak unit to take each one out.Note:
You can use this in associate with other base layouts.


rather of walls approximately your HQ, try to position your structures so that there is a clear line to the center of the base. Location your turrets in together a method that most attackers will position their units in the very same position, and also then usage that come construct walls that sluggish them down on their means through. You desire to channel the adversary in a zigzag fashion so the your turrets have as long as possible attacking them.

Multiple walls

like with the strong Core base, for this one you have to aim to develop two or 3 rows of Walls approximately your most vital buildings. A good idea is to have actually the HQ surrounding by one wall, climate your source collectors, climate a second wall, then your turrets, and finally a third wall. The advantage of this is the the turrets have more distance compared to the strong Core base - they deserve to only reach adversaries right next to the HQ, whereas these turrets can strike anyone exterior or in.


This layout takes some practise to obtain just right. Basically, over there are specific units in the game which will always attack a details target. For instance, top top the Rebel side, the Wookies will constantly go to the nearest turret. When you have actually upgraded her turrets enough, they will be the just early-game unit capable of acquisition them on. So, you deserve to use your turrets placing to send the Wookies running approximately the map, keeping them far from the crucial buildings. Place lots that walls and also unimportant buildings approximately your much more important ones.

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Most units will just attack the nearest thing, definition they will be wasting time in variety of her turrets.