Strong Core

For this base, build a wall roughly your HQ and a couple of turrets. This is many players" favored layout early on in the game as soon as you don"t have actually enough wall to have the ability to channel opponent units or surround your whole base. The concept is that while the adversary is toiling trying to gain right into your facility, the turrets will pick them off. Some players also place their base in the edge of the map, as in concept this suggests they cannot be struck on two sides. However, this doesn"t work in practise against knowledgeable players, as you are able to drop troops in around the edge.Note: For this to occupational, you must level up your walls and the turrets within as shortly as feasible.



A great means to sheight the foe from earning a three-star victory (which is enabled once they ruin all of your structures), is to location some structures on the extremities of the map. They will be expecting the third-star to unlock when they damage your HQ, just to uncover that tbelow are more buildings at the edge of the area! If you put resource frameworks out tbelow it suggests you are unlikely to shed your entire stash. The downside to this is that the buildings on the edge are entirely unsafeguarded, so if the foe spots them first, you might be in trouble as they will need just one weak unit to take each one out.Note:
You deserve to use this in conjunction via various other base layouts.


Instead of walls roughly your HQ, attempt to place your buildings so that tright here is a clear line to the facility of the base. Place your turrets in such a way that the majority of attackers will place their units in the exact same position, and also then usage that to construct wall surfaces that slow them down on their means through. You desire to channel the adversary in a zigzag fashion so that your turrets have as long as possible attacking them.

Multiple walls

Like via the Strong Core base, for this one you need to aim to build 2 or 3 rows of Walls about your a lot of important buildings. A great idea is to have actually the HQ surrounded by one wall, then your reresource collectors, then a second wall, then your turrets, and finally a third wall. The benefit of this is that the turrets have more distance compared to the Strong Core base - they deserve to just reach opponents ideal alongside the HQ, whereas these turrets deserve to assault anyone external or in.


This layout takes some practise to get just best. Basically, tright here are particular systems in the game which will always attack a particular tarobtain. For instance, on the Rebel side, the Wookies will constantly go to the nearemainder turret. Once you have upgraded your turrets sufficient, they will certainly be the just early-game unit capable of taking them on. So, you deserve to use your turrets placing to send the Wookies running around the map, maintaining them ameans from the necessary structures. Place lots of walls and unvital structures roughly your even more crucial ones.

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Most devices will simply assault the nearest point, definition they will certainly be wasting time in variety of your turrets.