Star Wars: Galaxy the Heroes is filled through all varieties of good characters. Here"s a look at the finest teams you can put together.

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a collectible RPG cell phone game emerged by EA Mobile and also Capital Games. It features most that the key characters throughout canon (and some renowned non-canon ones), and is a an excellent way come become more familiar with the galaxy far, much away.

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Figuring out which groups to gather and which units to collect have the right to be overwhelming. Often, the ideal strategy is to focus on a single team, and make your means from there. This teams have actually abilities that complement one an additional and, ultimately, these units work much better with their fellow faction members 보다 they do in teams of random powerful members. Mixing and also matching is mostly not encouraged.

Updated June 3rd, 2021, by Shayna Josi: With brand-new Star Wars residential or commercial property so comes brand-new characters come the roster in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. These brand-new characters room often powerful and have the right to stand up to the older, more established characters with the right upgrades and also improvements. New TV shows and also fan favorites likewise mean brand-new versions of well-beloved personalities which regularly prove to be upgrades on the enlarge versions. As such, the roster for the finest teams proceeds to evolve and adjust along with the advances in the Star battles franchise.

10 Rebels

Hera GoH
argued team:

Mon Mothma (Leader, Support) (5-E difficult Light Side) command Luke Skywalker (Attacker) (Hero"s Journey) Rebel Officer Leia Organa (Attacker) (Territory Battle) Chewbacca (Attacker) (Legendary Event) Threepio & Chewie (Attacker) (7-A difficult Light Side)

Rebels room a huge and differed group. The quantity of alternatives Rebels offer renders it complicated to construct an effective team, however their variety also method you can build a team which space nigh top top unstoppable.

The ideal leader for a Rebels team is Mon Mothma, that is able to summon a Rebel Fighter who steadily becomes much more powerful. Her leadership capability also boosts buffs and allows the Rebels come fight together a cohesive team. Other good alternatives room the Phoenix team, v Hera as the lead. Phoenix is additionally required come unlock cool Admiral Thrawn. Other good Rebel teams incorporate Rogue One characters and also Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum), who moves seamlessly in between squads.

Galaxy of Heroes The Mandalorian irradiate Side
suggested team:

The Mandalorian (Leader, Attacker) (3-C tough Dark Side) Bossk (Tank) (9-B tough Dark Side) Jango Fett (Attacker) (8-D hard Light Side) Greef Karga (Support) (3-E tough Light Side; 4-C hard Fleet Battles) Embo (Attacker) (8-C tough Dark Side)

v the release of The Mandalorian TV series, the Bounty Hunters have some brand-new light side companions. However, it"s the dark side Bounty Hunter groups who still regime supreme, even after some much-needed updates. Few of these units autumn under the brand-new Mandalorian category, yet don"t count together Bounty Hunters.

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Bounty Hunters space especially an excellent at taking down Jedi teams, with numerous of their abilities receiving bonuses versus Jedi. Their unique contract abilities give them the edge versus any opponent. Plenty of of them, such together Cad Bane, are accessible at fairly lower levels. Bounty Hunters are also lethal at higher levels, making castle a great option for the Dark side nodes.

Geonosian Brood Alpha SWGOH
suggested team:

Geonosian Brood Alpha (Leader, Support) (8-D Cantina) Poggle the Lesser (Support) (4-E difficult Light Side; 6-E tough Light Side) Geonosian Soldier (Attacker) (1-A Cantina) Geonosian Spy (Attacker) (4-D Cantina) sunlight Fac (Tank) (Reward in Battles)

Geonosians space a part of the Separatists, and also are their strongest team. Geonosians work along with unparalleled teamwork, and also are capable of taking down entire enemy squads without the other team landing a solitary hit.

important for an effective Geonosian squad are the Geonosian Brood Alpha as the leader, with Poggle the Lesser and the Geonosian Spy. The various other Geonosians are, the course, vital for the team to work, yet it"s these three in particular who make this team hit for this reason hard. Upgrade the bugs to their highest possible level, zeta your abilities, and watch their enemies fall.

Clones GoH
said team:

"Rex" (Leader, Support) (Fleet Arena Store) "Echo" CT-21-0408 (Support) (Shipments and Fleet Arena Store) "Fives" (Tank) (2-D tough Dark Side) "Cody" (Attacker) (Shipments) ARC Trooper (Attacker) (5-G Cantina)

Clones space a popular and effective team, and also are receiving continuous updates from funding Games to do them also better.

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Clones mostly consist that 501st members, including Echo, Fives, and Rex. Cody join the squad, together with an unnamed Clone Sergeant and also 501st Arc Trooper. The clone squad relies on teamwork and also support. Echo and Fives work-related together to divert fire, when Rex deals out heavy damages with his ability Aerial Advantage, i m sorry is all yet guaranteed to soon defeat any kind of enemy as soon as he"s inserted in a clone squad (Guild Raids excluded). The Clones have actually been update with bad Batch members from the recurring animated TV series, but they aren"t developed enough to kind a complete squad as of this article"s publishing.

argued team:

Darth Vader (Leader, Attacker) (Acquired through achievements) Emperor Palpatine (Support) (Legendary Event) director Krennic (Support) (9-D irradiate Side) cool Admiral Thrawn (Support) (Legendary Event) death Trooper (Attacker) (8-A Cantina)

The realm faction is a natural selection for a Dark side squad. Empire teams have the right to either utilize Sith such as Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, or job-related with more mundane firepower with characters such as grand Admiral Thrawn, grand Moff Tarkin, and an military of (effective) stormtroopers.

empire teams based upon Sith units room particularly good at taking under Jedi. Darth Vader and also the Emperor fight hard and fast, leaving no room for error. Imperial military units are good at taking down Rebels. Stormtroopers offer to overwhelm v numbers and create a distraction from their heavy-hitting leaders.

suggested team:

Jedi knight Revan (Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) Bastila Shan (Support) (2-D tough Fleet Battles; 5-B hard Dark Side) Grand master Yoda (Support) (Legendary Event) basic Kenobi (Tank) (Guild Raid) general Skywalker (Attacker) (Epic Confrontation)

Jedi in Galaxy of Heroes are among the largest and also most differed groups. There"s a lot of choice here, which deserve to make structure an efficient team difficult.

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having actually a strong leader is the many important part of a an excellent Jedi team. Jedi items Revan, basic Skywalker, and General Kenobi are all good units that will lead her Jedi squad to victory. Other an excellent additions to this team space Ezra, who is a heavy hitter and dispels annoying foe buffs with Flourish, and also Jolee Bindo, who"s a an excellent healer who deserve to revive Jedi allies.

suggested team:

Darth Revan(Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) Emperor Palpatine (Support) (Legendary Event) Darth Vader (Attacker) (Unlock with Achievements) Bastila Shan (Fallen) (Support) (7-A hard Dark Side) Sith Trooper (Attacker) (6-C tough Dark Side)

Sith groups are difficult to develop in beforehand levels, as many of the best units just unlock later on in the game. But, when they do, Sith groups are hefty hitters and are several of the best in the game.

Sith teams count on leads and also support, just like their legacy of master and apprentice. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader room lethal together. Darth Revan and Bastila Shan (Fallen) are another great duo. The introduction of the Knights that the Old Republic era Sith realm units opened up the potential for building an excellent teams, and also the recent addition of the Sith Trooper works in perfect sync with the established Sith Marauder and also Sith Assassin units.

suggested team:

mommy Talzin (Leader, Support) (8-A hard Light Side) Asajj Ventress (Support) (Squad Arena Store) Nightsister Zombie (Tank) (8-D tough Dark Side) Old Daka (Healer) (4-B difficult Dark Side) Nightsister heart (Attacker) (7-F Cantina)

Nightsisters space a surprisingly solid team. This faction has actually some that the ideal tanks in the game, v the Nightsister Zombie drawing enemy fire indigenous Old Daka, who is able come revive all fallen Nightsister Allies. Mommy Talzin"s ability The an excellent Mother calls ago a defeated Nightsister ally to help in attacks, ensuring the you"ll basically be fighting v a complete squad the entire duration the the battle.

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Nightsisters are likewise one the the only teams adept at taking under the Geonosians, and also they repetitively excel in PvP events and challenges.

said team:

Darth Revan (Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) Darth Malak (Tank) (Epic Confrontation) Bastila Shan (Fallen) (Support) (7-A tough Dark Side) HK-47 (Attacker) (Squad Arena Store) Sith realm Trooper (Tank) (8-B Cantina)

The Sith empire doesn"t have countless units (yet). This team is based upon the Knights of the Old Republic games, and also has some of the most difficult hitters that the game. Darth Revan and also Darth Malak room a powerhouse duo, and with Bastila Shan (Fallen) together support, this trio room nigh top top unstoppable.

Fan-favorite HK-47 is a good unit to use in this squad. His ability take benefit of Darth Revan and Bastila"s abilities to debuff enemies, and also he"s especially geared towards taking under Jedi. This team is best against Light Side, Jedi, and also Old Republic teams, with Bastila having actually bonus buffs if Jedi knight Revan is on the opponent squad.

said team:

Jedi knight Revan (Leader, Attacker) (Ancient Journey) Bastila Shan (Support) (2-D tough Fleet Battle; 5-B difficult Dark Side) Jolee Bindo (Healer) (6-D tough Dark Side) Mission Vao (Attacker) (7-A Cantina) Zaalbar (Tank) (3-C difficult Fleet Battle; 5-D difficult Light Side)

The Old Republic team is versatile and can be adapted to virtually any situation. It has actually a mix of hefty hitters, scoundrels, support, and also healers. The Old Republic team can be led one of two people by Jedi knight Revan, who works especially well in an Old Republic team the Jedi, or Carth Onasi, that pulls the units with each other to job-related in sync and also support one an additional with reliable brutality.

The Old Republic team has actually a bonus in the Carth and T3-M4 pilot the Ebon Hawk, including a an effective Light next cargo ship to your fleet. The Old Republic units space really worth gathering, and also are among the ideal teams out there.

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