Hello, I have finaly built my first moc. The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport as seen in Ep III, on Mygeeto, used by the 21st Nova Corps, aka the Galactic Marines, led by marshal commander Bacara and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

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The vehicle

Name : Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport, called Trident

Type : repulsorcraft, designed for floatting/levitation on unstable terrain such as bridges

Crew : 26

Length : 23.8 meters

Armament : 1x Artillery turbolaser turret, 2x Medium laser cannon,4x Anti-infantry laser turrets

Motion : 16x repulsorlift skis


The moc

Parts : ~3200

Dimensions (in stud) : 75x28

Minifigs : 26 seats (1 for Bacara, 1 for the pilot, 1 for Ki-Adi-Mundi, 7 for gunners, 4 for sergents, 12 for troopers (Galactic Marines))

Features :

- the cockpit can be removed

- the turbolaser turret can go up and down (thanks to a worm screw)

- the 4 laser turrets have 360° rotation + up and down a few degrees

- there are 6 trapdoors for playability, and 2 (at the back) as real entrance with ladders.

- the 16 repulsorlift skis have shock absorbers

- stickers on the cockpit

Little story

July 2013 : First ideas, - the UT-AT appears during the order 66, with emotionally strong scenes; - it was uncommon and very little known; - Mygeeto is one of my favourite planets (Battlefront II


January 2014 - May 2014 : designing on LDD. After that, I abandonned the idea of building it with real bricks (too expensive..)

January 2015 : no Christmas present received.., I decided to offer me a present, building my moc.

Major issues


I was used to designing on LDD, but I had no experience in creating a huge solid structure/chassis. Moc builders on Brickpirate gave me some advice.

Moreover, there is very little information available about the UT-AT. I imagined the interior and tried to give the proper shape to the exterior according to the very few available pictures.

Parts :

7 BL orders and 1 PaB, very difficult to handle it. After building the moc, there were 200 spare parts left ...

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Building :

Well, LDD is cool, but does not reflect the reality of physics... Two main issues : the overall weight and the center of gravity which is roughly at the center of the vehicle between the third and fourth line of "repulsorlift skis" thus making the UT-AT incline forward very much. The solution was using springs with different stiffness. I replaced the first 2 springs by (custom) very very hard spring to hold the weight. I put 2 lego spring on each of the 4 next shock absorbers in order to increase the stifness a little. The last 10 shock absorbers keep their spring. Therefore : balance is re-established!

For the cockpit : I tried decals, but I am not very good at it. After a few attempts, I moved on to printable clear stickers.