Stardew Valley upgrade 1.4 attributes a number of brand-new additions come the game. Some of these enhancements are simple, while rather are much more complex. One addition to the game is the gold Scythe. This new scythe deserve to be got by perfect a details activity. To help you learn exactly how to get this new tool, inspect out our exactly how to unlock the golden Scythe in Stardew Valley overview below.

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To unlock this brand-new tool you require to accessibility the Quarry mine. This brand-new mine is situated in the Quarry area of Stardew Valley. Inside the Quarry look because that a mine entrance. Go within the mine come start experimenting it.

Reach statue Holding gold Scythe in Quarry Mine

The Quarry Mine is a solitary floor mine you need to finish to with a statue in ~ the finish that is stop the gold Scythe. This mine is full of brand-new enemies to face. To complete the mine i recommend brining a number of health items through you so friend can conveniently reach the end. Girlfriend will likewise want to carry a good sword to deal damage.

Once you reach the finish of the mine you will certainly encounter a statue the is holding the gold Scythe. To acquire the golden Scythe for you yourself make sure your list has space then interact with the statue. Friend will get the golden Scythe.

What go the golden Scythe Do?

Description: “it’s much more powerful than the typical scythe.”

The Scythe to be the only tool in Stardew Valley that lacked any real upgrades. This supposed your various other tools obtained in effeciency if the scythe stayed the same. With the gold Sycthe you harvest an ext hay 보다 you would certainly from the common Scythe. This makes collecting hay much quicker.

That’s every you have to know around how to unlock the golden Scythe in Stardew Valley. Offered the energy of this tool, I highly recommend friend unlock the sooner fairly than later. Room you happy there’s ultimately a better Scythe? allow me understand in the comment below.

Thoughts ~ above our just how to unlock the gold Scythe in Stardew Valley guide? fall a comment in The Pit below.

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