This 2-Story Playhouse & slide was provided for me by Step2 in ~ no cost, to facilitate a review.

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“The 2-Story Playhouse & on slide from Step2 is a lot of level cottage the provides children with a ar of their very own to imagine and play in! through multiple play levels, a integrated indoor ladder and a huge slide associated to the optimal floor, preschoolers will have actually tons of fun pretending, climbing and sliding. Kiddos can cook up enjoy the meal on the ground floor and also then head come the top and also imagine they’re the captain of a ship. The imaginative and active play opportunities are countless for your small ones v this colossal clubhouse! Made in USA the US and imported parts from China.”

Product Details:

2-in-1 playhouse plus associated slide is twin the fun!Ground level attributes a working Dutch door, electronic door bell and also kitchenetteInside ladder enables children to rise to the 2nd storyFort-like and also open slats top top the 2nd floor improve imaginative playExtra-long 70” ( 177.8 cm) slide offers a rapid getawayRequires two “AAA” batteries (not included)Adult assembly requiredRecommended age: 3-8Dimensions: 83H, 106.5W, 48.5DWeight: 200lbs

My husband and I have actually been married for a tiny over 7 years now, and we’ve come to be quite accustomed to each others habits. So once he says, “Hey babe, I’m walking to walk out and also work ~ above the car for about fifty percent an hour,” ns know, there is no a doubt, he’ll be the end there all afternoon working on the car. That sweet guy can’t seem come wrap his mind around estimating how long things take to conserve his life. So naturally, once we were discussing putting the playhouse together and he guessed it would certainly take 1/2 an hour to assemble, ns laughed. Ns figured it would certainly take a good 3-4hrs to accomplish.

I assumed we should see that was check out who was right. (really, I simply wanted to offer him a large fat “I told you so!”) So, we timed it…

…. Well, it just took us 1hr and 2min come assemble! transforms out i was the one that was way off this time and also I sadly did not gain a opportunity to say “I told you so!”. Assembly most absolutely requires two sets that hands and some force. If it weren’t for the one piece pictured above, it probably would have actually taken united state 45 minute to complete. We invested a good 15 minute trying to align the pegs and holes right into place. It appeared as if castle weren’t appropriately aligned once the product to be manufactured, it forced a many effort and force to connect these 2 sides. Finally though, we acquired it together; the various other sides however, were no an issue thankfully.

I love the Step2 to be extra cautious in the sturdiness that this structure. Notification the metal beam throughout the flooring the the 2nd level, ensuring extra durability for your little ones playing up there. Also, there are anchors that are hammered right into either side of the playhouse into the ground, which save the playhouse indigenous tipping.

The very first level of the playhouse offers countless interactive and also imaginative features. The kitchenette is adorable, mine daughter (5) particularly appreciates the colorful decals the make it a little much more exciting and also playful. The doorbell (which walk ring!) top top the exterior is a substantial hit with all of my kids. My children spend so much time being an imaginative in there!

The argued age range for this playhouse is 3-8. If you’re anything choose me, those recommendations can be rather arbitrary and also are frequently ignored. Yet I would have to say, in this instance it’s quite spot on. The ladder top top the interior is easy to usage for those with larger feet…. Well, larger than mine 1 1/2yo. That likes come think he’s large like his enlarge siblings and also will shot anything they space doing. So naturally he charged ideal for the ladder, his small feet maintained slipping between the rungs and the wall and obtaining lodged in there. Not really unsafe, but quite frustrating because that someone beginning the notorious 2’s.

My 3yo son noticed right away just how high up he was and what a great view he had of our ar from the 2nd level. He exclaimed loudly “Wow, I can see because that MILES!”. Recently we’ve to be enjoying analysis through a collection called “The Magic Tree House” It’s around a brother and sister who find a wonder tree house located in the tallest tree in the woods close to their house. From there they room transported to miscellaneous times and also places, every while going on an interesting mission for their brand-new found friend, Morgan le Fay. Together you have the right to imagine, the come of this play home while reading through these publications has to be perfect!! They invest so much time up over there pretending to be Jack and also Annie from the Magic Tree House collection and embarking on interesting adventures together.

Again, i would have to strongly recommend complying with the period recommendation, specifically with the second level. The ladder to the 2nd level is located on the inside of the playhouse, giving it an extra fort-like feel, i m sorry is super fun, but it additionally has a downside. The opened for the ladder pipeline what have the right to simply be described as a hole in the floor the the 2nd level. My nearly 4yo son had a small too lot fun spying ~ above the neighbors while increase there and also wasn’t city hall his footing, leading to him to autumn through the opened in the floor. He was winded and also his pride bruised, yet he to be fine. I’ve reminded the multiple time to watch out for the opening while up there and also to it is in careful. Because of his age and having had actually a an extremely hands ~ above reminder, he hasn’t had that worry since. Ns think many younger children wouldn’t have sufficient awareness to stop it native happening lot of times. Step2 advises against building the playhouse on hard surfaces such together concrete, asphalt, pack earth, grass, carpet or any kind of other hard surfaces. Understanding there can be a falling hazard in the one area, I would strongly encourage adhering to their referrals for structure the playhouse on a for sure surface. We placed our playhouse on mulch.

The extra-long, 70″ inch slide is a BLAST! It’s not only super long, yet quite fast, i beg your pardon is perfect because that my large 2! have actually you ever before noticed how children seem come instantly uncover a circular pattern in a house and RUN around and also around and also around that stated circle?? It’s a thing — all kids love it and also my kids seem to perform it every work in my residence right approximately 3:30pm, offer or take a couple of minutes. (That’s commonly a good sign the the bewitching hour has actually begun) This playhouse appears to have actually the same ever before popular circular circulation to it, which is an awesome systems for the bewitching hour. The youngsters get sent external to run off the overflow that energy and I get to evil the very same pattern that usually happens inside, take place outside. They run with the playhouse door, increase the ladder, go under the slide and also REPEAT! (about 50 times) Lord assist us every this snowy winter….

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Step2’s 2-Story Playhouse and Slide to be a substantial hit for our family and if you have young kids it is bound to be a hit for yours as well. Yes, really the only thing you’ll have to take into account space the periods of your children. Mine are 5 1/2, almost 4, 1 1/2 and also 5 months…. It functions without any kind of hitches because that the large 2, however for #3 we’ve collection up a preeminence where he have the right to only pat on the lower level and if he desires to go down the slide we’ll collection him increase there and also hold his hand ~ above the method down. The slide is too rapid for that yet, yet a perfect rate for the enlarge ones. Thankfully we’ve acquired some time prior to it’s an problem with #4! The playhouse is perfect also if you have a tiny yard; it’s so compact most everyone should have the ability to accommodate it into your an are with ease. My kids so enjoy the seclusion that comes from the fort-like framework of the 2-Story Playhouse, it’s been a wonderful resource of entertainment!

Check the end this video to watch the two Story Playhouse & slide in action:

Want to acquisition the Step2 2 Story Playhouse & Slide because that your very own child(ren)? the is obtainable exclusively at Toys”R”Us and has a said price the $599. The 2-Story Playhouse and Slide is on sale because that $449.99 at toys R Us with 11/21? That’s a $150 savings!!

Disclosure: pagan was provided this playhouse in ~ no expense tofacilitateher review. No various other monetarycompensation to be received.