The Brief: The #InTheCrowd difficulty is a cultivation trend on tiktok that emerged after the #PGroove challenge was performed making use of TikTok"s "In The Crowd" filter.

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TikTokers are performing the #PGrooveChallenge using the “In The Crowd” filter top top TikTok, developing the viral #InTheCrowd challenge. The trend appeared on TikTok once user
pjhowardiv) gift performed in ~ a school while the crowd sang the text to “Hit Yo Groove” by RunitupTahj on Feb. 4. The video went viral, garnering over 2.2 million views and also 343,000 likes on tik alone. By late-March, the video inspired the new #InTheCrowd difficulty on TikTok.

cloutboyb##pgroove ##dutechallenge ##dancchallenge save running PGroove an obstacle up♬ initial sound – cloutboyb

The #PGroove dance to be originally produced by sixth grade math teacher PJ Howard IV (
pjhowardiv) in ~ Oscar Smith middle School in Chesapeake, Va. The dance was intended to promote positive in school, follow to local news source 10WAVY-TV.

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The run is performed to these lyrics from “Hit Yo Groove” by RunitupTahj:

Hit your groove, hit your groove, hit your groove, ayyI’m the littest, I’m the hottest in ~ the school, ayy

Step, step, bendOnce ns tell girlfriend this next step, then you gon’ do it every again, okayListen, step, step, bend, riseUp, down, up, downCome here, provide me high fiveYeah, ns love mine guysNo inquiry ’bout it, we gon’ rideThe way we hit the grooveThey say, “You therefore smooth, yeah, friend so fly”And then us hit the woahHit them folks, lock beggin’ for some moreWe bend down low and hit the rollI tell my young let’s rock and also roll, ayy

The #PGroove challenge has due to the fact that been perform in a variety of TikTok videos collection to the live recording of the middle school occasion paired through TikTok’s “In The Crowd” party filter, providing rise come the now-titled #InTheCrowd and also #InTheCrowdChallenge on TikTok. The audio has additionally been provided in end 205,000 videos.

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